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3 Must Use VICIDial Services from Experts

Open Source March 11, 2019

The call center industry is immensely huge. There are hundreds of call centers, which keep businesses in many industries running with its customer care and lead generation services. To keep the things going, one need call center solution and often it is seen that people opt for an open source solution to keep costs under control. VICIDial is one of the most popular open source call center software.

There are many call centers all across the world that use the VICIDial solution and why not? It is indeed a powerful call center solution. However, often businesses use only a fraction of the VICIDial solution because of limited knowledge or limited features of this open source call center solution. Thus, I recommend following 3 services related to the VICIDial: call center software from the industry experts:

VICIDial Setup

Yes, VICIDial setup is a straightforward process: Install the software and run it; make some configurations. That is it! Hang on! If you are thinking the same way, let me tell you, VICIDial is a powerful call center software only if you make the current settings and configuration at time of setup instead of just doing ‘next, next and finish’.

The VICIDial experts know these intuitive settings and configuration and that’s why taking their help in setting up this call center solution will result in better ROI.

VICIDial Customization

Being an open source call center solution, it supports a wide array of features, but it misses many must have features. For example, sticky agent is a really important feature and helps in increasing customer satisfaction, but the original version of the VICIDial solution doesn’t have the same.

With the custom VICIDial module development or VICIDial customization, a call center can add missing features in this open source call center solution so the productivity of the agents can be increased to the next level.

VICIDial Maintenance

VICIDial is an open source solution and often the community releases the system upgrade. The system upgrade often results in increased features and better performance of this call center software. However, to take benefit of these system upgrades, the call center needs to upgrade the version as well.

Also, it is necessary to take back-up time to time and perform enhancements of the system. The VICIDial experts assure that the VICIDial solution is up-to-date and your team uses the latest version of the system. Also, they perform regular fine-tuning, backup, and similar activities to benefit the call centers.


VICIDial is an open source call center software, but with expert VICIDial services, it can become as competitive as any advanced call center solution. To transform it into a robust and competitive proprietary call center software, one must use expert VICIDial services.

We, at Elision, have a team of VICIDial experts. We have developed ready to use VICIDial modules and we offer many useful services related to VICIDial. To know more, please contact us.

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