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Auto Dialer and Other Automation Features to Benefit You

Call center solutions come with excellent features to benefit call centers. Depending on the availability of automation, advancements, and other functional competence, the call center software can be used. Many people have started investing in a hosted call center solution to ensure they have access to the best and the most advanced features of the call center solutions.

In an advanced call center solution, you can find many amazing features. In this blog, I will share more details on auto dialers and other useful features and their utilities in a call center.

1. Auto dialer

Auto dialer is the most prominent feature of call center solutions. That is why traditionally call center solutions were used to refer to as call center dialers. In fact, still many people refer to it as a call center dialer or dialer. With advancements in technology, many forms of auto dialer emerged. Predictive dialer is the most advanced call center dialer.

2. Broadcasting features

A call center solution can have SMS and voice broadcasting features. As the name suggests, broadcast means sending an SMS or a voice message to all contacts in a lead list. It is extremely easy to use and an effective means of reaching the masses. For example, sending holiday greetings to all customers via voice broadcasting can be a great way to strengthen the customer relationship. This is just an example. SMS broadcasting and voice broadcasting can be used in multiple ways.

3. TTS (Text To Speech)

This feature is not available as a fundamental feature. Usually, this feature is available as an add-on and can be integrated into the call center software. Text to Speech (TTS) feature is amazing as it can make a voice message by transforming written text. You can choose a male or female voice as well as accents as per your client base. It is amazing if you use the voice broadcasting feature frequently. It is also the best feature if you have to change the IVR menus of your call center more frequently.

4. Call recording and word spotting

Call recording is one of the fundamental features. Even a basic call center solution will have it. However, some providers offer advanced functionalities in the call recording feature. Moreover, the “Word Spotting” feature can be a great time savior. It can let supervisors search and inspect all calls, which had a specific word. For example, if there are some negative keywords and the call center wants to make sure that agents do not use them, then they can do word spotting and play, or download and play all call recording files, which have used that specific word.

5. DNC management

This is also one of the primary features in an outbound call center solution. However, it is necessary to ensure its functional capabilities. It has to skip all those numbers, which have opted for the ‘Do Not Call’ option.

These are 5 excellent features for call centers to enhance daily operations. There are many more. Contact us to know more and get the best call center solution.

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