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Benefit of MassMeet Video Conferencing Solution in Education Industry

Virtual education is in existence for many years, but the Coronavirus has made it necessary in many countries and cities. Schools have started taking online classes to keep education going on as well as assuring the safety of the students. To take online classes, schools need to use a video conferencing solution.

We have a feature-rich video conferencing solution, called, MassMeet. There are some schools, coaching classes, and colleges that are already using MassMeet to take online classes. Let me share based on this experience, how MassMeet: Video Conferencing Solution benefits the education industry.

1. It is device friendly

Unlike many other known video conferencing solutions, it does not force users to download software or a mobile app. It is a web based solution. Thus, students and teachers can access it from any device, at any time.

All they need is a web browser and an internet connection to join the conference. Students also do not need to register and sign in. All they need is to enter their name and join the class.

2. It supports interactive learning

MassMeet is developed to make sure each online class is conducted with high engagement. Students can use emoji to share their thoughts and emotions. For example, if a student does not understand a point explained by a teacher, then he can use “Confused” emoji to express his mindset, so the teacher can explain that again.

It also has other interactive features such as “Raise Hand” to show that a student has a question or wants to make a point. On the other hand, teachers can use presentation, video sharing, whiteboard, and all other features to teach to the students in an interactive manner.

3. Students can view the class as many times as needed

All online classes can be recorded with a feature, called, conference recording. The admin or teacher can send these class recordings to all students without any need of downloading the recording file and upload it again to send it to all students. This helps in saving a lot of time and resources from school or college end.

On the other side, students can download the lecture recordings and view them as many times as they want to understand the chapter. This is indeed a great functionality available only with a video conferencing solution unlike, the traditional education classroom environment in which, students have to make notes and may miss important points because they are concentrated on making notes.

4. For a single institute, multiple classes can be created

A school, college, or a coaching class may have different divisions taught by different teachers. MassMeet, lets admin make rooms with a predefined group of participants. Thus, teachers do not need to allow individual students or invite them to join a link. There will be a single link that will let its students and teachers join the class.

There are many more features in MassMeet, which make it perfect for the education industry. To know more, contact us.

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