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Boost Customer Satisfaction Using Self Serving Features of Contact Center Software

A majority of businesses use a contact center solution to handle customer queries to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The modern-day contact center solutions come with an array of features and benefits. An omnichannel contact center solution with support for unified communication channels is benefiting many contact centers and businesses.

Along with multiple other features, this software for call centers and businesses also has multiple self-serving features. These self-serving features can help businesses in multiple ways, which can help in improving customer satisfaction.

Let me share the top tips that can help you boost customer satisfaction using the self-serving features of call center solutions.

1. Keep self-serving features easily accessible to customers

All contact center solutions provide multiple self-serving features, from simple IVR to an automated survey or feedback collection and many more. These features can help your customers take autonomous actions using the call center software.

To make sure customers can use these features efficiently, you have to first make these features easily available for use to customers. Share details about these options on your website or marketing collateral. You can also make it part of your welcome IVR.

2. The self-serving features need to be easy to use

The only way your customer can be happy with your offering is when they get to use it successfully and satisfactorily. For this, you have to ensure that your self-serving features are easy to use for your customers. It has to be as simple as interacting with an IVR. You can also take help from your call center software provider to simplify the use of self-serving features available in your contact center solution.

3. Give an option to reach to a live agent at any point

Even if you have the best and most easy-to-use self-serving features, it is possible that your customers may get stuck at some point. Thus, to make sure your customers are not left angry; you give them an option to reach the live agent. It is necessary to provide the option at each touch-point to let a customer connect with an agent to get the resolution to their queries and questions.

4. Don’t force users to use self-serving options

Self-serving features are great and meant to be there to help customers that prefer to take action on their own. It has to be their choice whether they want to use these features or want to get connected with an agent to get the resolution. At any point, you must not force your customers to use these features.

Modern-day contact center solutions are loaded with an array of features that are designed to help you increase customer satisfaction. Self-serving features are one of the features that are exclusively designed to let customers resolve common issues or queries without waiting for agents to respond. To make the best use of those features, use the tips shared in this article.

If you don’t have a contact center solution or if you don’t have efficient and easy-to-use self-serving features in your software, then we can help. Contact us to book a discussion call now.

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