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Call Center CRM Integration Benefits Smart Cities

Various cities in India and all across the globe are transforming the infrastructure to become one of the smart cities in the world. For this, the smart cities are adopting the futuristic tools. The call center solution is one of the tools adopted by a majority of smart cities for grievance resolution.

Anyone can contact for help or any issue they are facing on the given helpline, which is handled by a call center solution. The call center software not only makes call handling better, but it also helps in keeping logs and reports, which can be used to improve processes and call handling.

The leading VoIP companies, which furnish the smart cities with smart city solutions like call center solution, recommend smart cities to invest in call center CRM integration services.

Integrating any feature-rich CRM solution with the call center software can provide multiple benefits. Let’s explore some of them.

As mentioned earlier, the call center solutions are used to listen to the issues, concerns, problems, confusion, and other grievances of the people of the city or tourists or anyone who wants to give feedback to the authority or a specific department of the smart city.

Read the complete case study of GMDA smart city using call center solution of Elision to improve grievance handling, here:

Call center CRM integration integrates the call center solution of a smart city with a CRM system. The CRM solution will definitely have more fields to store information about the caller and citizens compared to the fields available in the call center software. This is how the smart city can store more information about the caller and customers.

The call center CRM integration solution will show a popup to the executive who attends the call. This popup will be a CRM popup and it will show information about the caller if it is already stored in the system. This information can help the executive to resolve concerns quickly if it is the same concern.

Moreover, the executive can personalize the conversation using the information shown to him in the CRM popup regardless of the fact that the caller has come up with the same issue he faced last time or any other concern. This will help the caller feel valued and it can improve the trust and relationship of the citizens, tourists, and anyone who is calling to the system to connect with authority.

If the caller is calling for the first time or any information related to the caller is not stored in the system, then the executive can ask and fill the information for future reference. It means in the future whenever the same caller calls, the executive will have the information about him to deliver better and more personalized responses.

The call center CRM integration offers many other benefits as well.

We offer call center CRM integration as well as smart city solutions to all cities in the world. These smart city solutions and call center CRM integration services can also be used by the businesses. Contact us for more details.

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