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Call Center Software – The Perfect Tool to Expand Business

Businesses usually find it difficult to meet the demands of their customers. Especially in a smaller business, the problem aggravates due to crunch in manpower and capital investment. On the other hand, the present business scenario is hard-pressed with customers’ demands for immediate results and timely response.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is. Why not have centralized systems that can handle all the calls from customers? Elision has the perfect solution for you.

The concept of outsourcing has caught the imagination of businesses worldwide, and call centers are flourishing like never before. The basic tool any call center needs is the call center dialer.

And, it is not just any dialer, but one that offers value for money, is able to handle the needs of the business and its customers and offers great ROI. That is exactly what you get when you opt for Elision call center dialer.

Let us find out why a business company should opt for a call center software?

Single Point of Contact:

Call center serves as the single point of contact for any business which help makes businesses more efficient. For customers, it is a convenient one-point contact center that caters to all customer-related queries.

Remember, the more time a customer spends on phone to resolve an issue, the more effectively manpower can be utilized elsewhere. A call center is a low cost affair that can improve efficiency of any business unit.

Easy to Establish:

An automated call center dialer has replaced the huge and expensive telephony boards that were used once upon a time in any business unit. These huge machines were unable to cater to all telephony needs of the business.

However, a call center dialer doesn’t require such heavy equipment and thus, lowers the cost of maintenance. With the help of an automated call center dialer, a business can establish a call center anywhere. It is economically profitable and requires low investment.

Key Features:

Some of the key features that Elision call center dialer offers include the following:

  • Superior digital recording as well as logging capabilities
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call distribution takes place automatically
  • Performs periodic callbacks which can then be customized for just the agent
  • The outbound system is automated and comes with manual, predictive, automated and preview dialing options
  • Has Time Zone Dialing that makes it convenient to handle and make international calls
  • Comes with Computer Telephony Integration that allows the system to make use of GSM gateways, VoIP trunks and Telco PSTN/PRI lines
  • Has SMS feature that can be used to send a text message to a customer when the customer finishes the call
  • The advanced call center dialer from Elision also has the ability to send emails
  • It can easily be integrated with a third-party CRM
  • Has the unique ability to detect anywhere from 80 to 85 percent answering machines

The Call Center Dialer of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd can help a business boost its cash flow by offering superior customer care. The dialer makes it easy to connect with customers and resolve and answer their queries. When customer satisfaction is attained, sales and revenues boost. Contact us to know more about the solution.

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