Call Center Salesforce Integration

The call center solution and CRM software are the two most used solutions in the companies and call centers. The former is used to take care of calling campaigns, both inbound and outbound, and the latter is used to store all information of the customer or prospect. In multiple cases, both of these solutions are referred sometimes in real time during the live call and sometimes once the call is hung up.

The call center software comes with a wide range of features to support different campaigns in different industry verticals. The call center solution can be a third party system such as DialShree or it can be an open source solution such as VICIDial. We can integrate the call center software with the Salesforce CRM solution.

Salesforce is one of the renowned CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions. It offers a single CRM system to unite all touch points of the customers and prospects of the company. This CRM system is a cloud based solution and it can be used with cloud based or on the self hosted server. It lets companies keep their eyes on all operations related to customers such as advertising, conversion, payment, support, and more.

We, at Elision, have experts that offer integration services to integrate this powerful cloud based CRM solution with any call center software. One of the most widely used integrations is VICIDial Salesforce integration.

The VICIDial Salesforce integration or any other call center software integration with this CRM system provides a wide range of beneficial features as briefed below:

  • Click2Call in Salesforce If your agents want to use the call center dialer within the Salesforce solution, we integrate click to call functionality. Thus, to make a call, all an agent needs to do is click on the lead record and the call will be generated. As soon as the call is generated, the call center software dialer will connect to the lead.
  • CRM Popup in the call center solution If your agents are more flexible with the call center software such as VICIDial, then after the integration such as VICIDial Salesforce integration, the agents can see a CRM popup within the VICIDial solution. It means when a call is connected to the customer, the agent will see lead data from the Salesforce CRM system. This will help agents to provide personalized answers without fumbling between two different systems.
  • Streamline lead data in both systems The call center Salesforce integration is done by our team in a way that any changes made in the lead records in any one system will automatically reflect in another. It means if you get Salesforce VICIDial integration and if you make changes in the lead record in the VICIDial solution during a live call, it will be reflected in the Salesforce CRM solution.
  • Data Push from one system to another As mentioned earlier, the data and lead updates are done automatically after the integration. Moreover, we offer the Data push feature to push data from one system to another. It can be used to push data on an immediate basis, if the configuration of data push is made in batches on a specific time interval.
  • Logs To keep your data temper proof, we offer detailed logs of all activities related to the changes made in both systems. It means the VICIDial Salesforce integration gives detailed logs of all records that are changed by agents, supervisors or admin during the live call and vice verse. The logs simplify the review process in case of concerns.
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