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Call Center Solution Advancements that Reform the Customer Experience

Call center solutions have been reforming customer service, sales, loan collection, and other campaigns. Each passing year, more and more businesses have started adopting this software. The companies like ours, innovate different features and advancements to empower the users of call center software.

In the past few years, much advancement has happened and in this blog, we will share the top 5 advancements for you to understand how they reform customer experience in businesses and call centers.

1. Real-time statistics

From a number of ongoing, ringing, and on-hold calls to system performance, online agents, and much more; a call center solution like DialShree shows different statistics in real-time. It gives a live view of the performance of the call center software, associated hardware, agents, and other important things. It benefits in real-time crisis management as well as performance assurance. It also benefits call centers and businesses in taking advantage of business intelligence in real-time as they get live statistics, which represent insightful data.

2. Custom integrations

Earlier, a call center solution could only support the features developed in it. If you want to use a CRM system, you need to get it developed in the call center software itself. Now custom call center integrations are available, which allow integration of different solutions and APIs. The integrated solutions will work in a harmony. For example, call center CRM integration will make CRM features available in the call center solution and both will work in a streamlined manner.

3. Omnichannel communication

Earlier, the call center solutions used to have only a single communication channel of phone calls. However, now the omnichannel call center solution is available. We offer omnichannel call center software, which supports all unified communication channels. This empowers the communication by catering to customers on their preferred communication channels.

4. Automation

The call center solution advancements have taken a leap with call center automation. There are so many self-serving features that can let customers take any action on their own without the need of an agent. Not only retrieving some information, but also paying bills and changing a banking pin; a customer can take any action using the call center automation features. On the other hand, for call centers and businesses using this software, the number of jobs is reduced. The tedious and repetitive tasks are automated, so they can focus on other aspects of a positive customer experience.

5. AI (Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is paving its way in all industries and call center is not left behind. From business intelligence tools to chatbots, there are many AI-based advancements that are taking place in this industry. From increasing self-serving options to helping customers to aid in various areas, the AI tools help with multiple aspects and taking the customer experience to the next level of delight.

These are the top 5 advancements, which are reforming the customer experience. We offer the most advanced call center solution and many other services to provide you the tools that can help you reform the customer experience. Contact us for more details.

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