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Call Center WhatsApp Integration and Its Role in Enterprises

Communication is the key in any enterprise or even a small business. When we specifically look at the case of enterprises, they need to handle hundreds of customers and prospective clients on a day-to-day basis. Thus, they use software like a call center solution.

Using only a call center solution with traditional features would restrict various aspects related to good customer care service and sales process. Adding some more advanced features and functionalities into call center software can enhance various operations in enterprises.

WhatsApp is one of the channels and WhatsApp communication is one of the modes of communication that all enterprises must add in their communication solutions like a call center solution. Let us share more details about the integration of WhatsApp into the call center solution and its role in enterprises.

What is call center WhatsApp integration?

Call center software or cloud call center solution providers integrate the WhatsApp business API into the call center solution. This integration provides all features of the WhatsApp web within the call center software.

What is the role of WhatsApp integrated call center solution in enterprises?

The role of WhatsApp is important in enterprises. Customers and prospective customers like to use convenient communication channels. They prefer using the mode of communication, which they find flexible and handy. And WhatsApp is one of the preferred communication channels.

Let us share the role of call center WhatsApp integration based solution in enterprises.

1. Increase sales opportunities

Many people get some questions in mind while browsing through a website and are usually interested in getting quick answers. The omnichannel call center solution offers options like live chat, WhatsApp, etc. However, if your enterprise does not use an omnichannel call center software, then you must invest in call center WhatsApp integration.

This will let your prospects have a WhatsApp conversation with you. Not only this, but it will also make sure that you get their direct contact details, so you can have a conversation with them in the future to follow up, cross-selling, upselling, etc.

2. Reduce waiting time to connect with customer care executive

Enterprises handle the massive volume of customers seeking answers to their common or complicated questions. Using a single channel in the call center solution could increase call queues and waiting time. The call center WhatsApp integration lets you add an additional communication channel. This reduces the volume on a single communication channel. Thus, reaching the customer care executive can be faster. This can help in increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Reduce expenses

To increase ROI, reducing expenses is necessary. Adding WhatsApp as an additional communication channel boosts productivity. Thus, the number of parallel agents and seats in the call center software can be reduced. Relevant infrastructure and wages can also be saved.

This is how WhatsApp as an additional communication channel added into the call center solution with call center WhatsApp integration can benefit enterprises.

We offer integration of WhatsApp into the call center software to enterprises and other businesses. We also offer a call center solution and a cloud call center solution. To know more about our services and software, contact us.

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