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Call Center WhatsApp Integration for Collection Agencies

Collection agencies often look for strategies to improve their productivity and other important metrics. Technology can help collection agencies similar to many other industries. We, Elision, have developed a collection module with a payment utility. It helps in reducing a lot of manual work, which helps collection agencies to reduce their workload and focus completely on complex cases.

You can know more about the collection module developed for collection companies, here.

Along with integrating the collection module into the call center solution, collection agencies can also adopt more technology tools to improve major KPIs. Call center WhatsApp integration is one of the technological boons that collection agencies can adopt. There are many amazing benefits of using this integrated solution.

Let us share more details about call center WhatsApp integration and how it is beneficial to collection agencies:

What is call center WhatsApp integration?

We integrate WhatsApp business into the call center solution of collection agencies. This integrated solution lets collection agencies use all features of the WhatsApp web such as:

  • Two-way chat
  • File share
  • Image share
  • Document and PDF share
  • And more

There are many benefits and use cases of using a call center solution with WhatsApp as an added communication channel in any collection company. Let me share the top benefits of using WhatsApp in collection agencies.

Save time

One of the major tasks of collection agencies is calling customers to give reminders related to their upcoming EMI dates. There are many customers that need a single reminder. For this type of customer, sending a WhatsApp message can be even more time savior than calling individually. One can also use the Smart WhatsApp tool, which allows WhatsApp broadcasting. This saves time even further. The customers with queries and concerns will revert to the WhatsApp messages. Agents can respond to these customers without leaving the window of their call center solution.

Give quick responses

Often customers come up with some small issues and queries related to EMI and its payment. Calling a customer support center and waiting for an agent to attend the call can be a lengthy process for them. It also keeps an agent occupied to handle the customer and then complete the disposition and other wrap-up processes. Unlike that, WhatsApp can speed up this whole process. Customers can ask their queries on the go and get a response within a few minutes. Agents also don’t need to invest time in the wrap-up process, plus, agents can handle multiple WhatsApp chats in parallel.

Provide rich communication via customers’ preferred communication channel

WhatsApp is a preferred mode of communication for many. With call center WhatsApp integration, a collection agency can make sure that it offers the required support to the customer via their favorite communication channel. It also lets agents use rich communication features like emoticons, file exchange, etc. to improve client satisfaction.

We offer call center WhatsApp integration as well as a smart WhatsApp tool to collection agencies. If you want to know more about these services or how we can help your collection agency, contact us.

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