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Click to Call – A Must for Financial Services

Click2Call March 13, 2015

According to a survey commissioned by Google, 61% of mobile users use click-to-call service for changes in their bank accounts.

The survey also pointed that out of the seven verticals, mobile searchers used click- to-call mostly for Financial Services. But have you ever wondered why are mobile searchers using click to call when they could visit the company website or use email or even chat?

Research conducted by Ipsos for Google found that for every 6 out of 10 mobile searchers (59%) felt the need for speed that motivated them to use click to call while 57% wanted to talk to a real person and 54% said they needed additional information which the website wasn’t providing them with.

The above results only re-instate the fact that click-to-call is the most important service used by mobile searchers when hunting for any financial service. It is one of the most crucial features offered by a bank or financial institution.

Despite the development of technology and all the online help that a financial organization provides, it’s clear from the findings of Google that “driving phone calls should still be a priority for businesses in every industry," as Google's mobile marketing manager, Adam Grunewald puts it.

Time and again it has been proved that customers still want a one-to-one interaction in real time with the service providers and when it comes to financial transactions, none of the clients want to risk it. And we, at Elision, have efficiently realised the growing need of click to call service by offering a smart Click2Call solution.

Customers look to real time solution and clarification to all their doubts. It has been seen that click to call not only improves your brand but also increases your customer-base. It helps to establish a relationship between you and your customer. Lack of a call option can frustrate a customer and is less likely to refer your financial services to others.

Advantages of Click-to-call Service:

  • Click to Call is the best way to reach the visitor while he is at work
  • It responds in real time to queries of customers
  • It helps build the brand image by providing with high-quality service
  • Helps in improving relationship from being a virtual to a real friend
  • Smart business through click to call service has helped spreading the word of good service

Business Case for Click2Call Service:

  • Click2Call can be used in CRM for securing Phone Numbers from entire staff
  • Each calls dial to customer from CRM via Click2Call will be recorded
  • It can be integrated with any 3rd Party CRM via WEB API URL
  • Sales team can connect to customer directly from CRM with single click

How to set up Click2Call service:

The Elision Click2Call service is very use to use. The button can be placed on the site from where customers can make a direct call or request a call back. In some cases, the customer needs to fill a simple form to request a call back. By installing the Click2Call, the need for additional hardware also diminishes.

The average waiting time of customers also gets eliminated as one can request a call back at his or her convenient time. Our service at Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd also conveniently integrates the knowledge base which helps solving queries quickly. The tailor-made solution of Elision can be integrated with financial infrastructure namely, customer database, CRM systems and payment system.

So what are you waiting for? Go for our Click2Call service and covert your visitors to clients.

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