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Cloud Call Center Solution vs. On-premises Call Center Solution

Call center solutions have proven their value in the past decade or two. Along with the traditional users of call center software such as call centers, many new industries have adopted this software by comprehending its worth. This made a revolutionary shift in the call center software development industry.

Many call center solutions were launched in the past decade and ultra-modern features are also introduced by the leading companies. This brought many choices to the buyers to confuse them enough. In this blog, we will discuss the two most popular types of call center solution these days:

  1. On-premises call center solution
  2. Cloud call center solution

After the end of this blog, you will have a clear understanding of each of this type of call center solution and you will be able to make the right choice.

Difference between an on-premises call center solution and cloud call center software:

1. Set up

The major difference between both is the way it gets set up. An on-premises call center solution gets set up within the company premises. You will have all the required hardware, servers, etc. within your company premises.

Cloud call center solution gets set up on the cloud spaces, also known as hosted cloud space. No hardware or servers are needed within the office building.

2. Secure remote access and management

On-premises solutions are configured to use within the company for security purposes. To access them securely from home, you need to invest additionally in securing its access via a VPN or getting other modules, which allow work from home without compromising security. Management of this type of software is difficult as your servers are in the company and cannot be customized remotely.

Cloud call center solutions usually have built-in security mechanisms as per the default hosted cloud security. Therefore, without investing in additionally, your agents can use the cloud call center solution remotely. Due to this characteristic, all companies offering call center software following the SaaS model are cloud call center solutions. It means if you are using a hosted call center solution, it is a cloud solution. As it is hosted on the cloud, it can also be managed remotely.

3. Scalability

On-pre call center solutions are scalable as it depends on the software. However, scaling up the software capacity can take a few days. Also, there is no flexibility to scale up and down as per the traffic with this type of call center software.

Cloud call center solutions are highly scalable. Within a few hours, it can be scaled up or down. Moreover, if you are using a hosted call center solution, you can choose to scale down the number of seats once traffic is down.

4. Expenses

As hardware and other infrastructure are in-house, it will cost more for maintenance than a cloud call center solution, which does not have any hardware to be maintained.

In terms of benefits, cloud call center solutions have more benefits to offer than on-premises call center software.

We offer both on-premises and cloud call center solutions. Contact us to know more about it.

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