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Collection Module for Call Center Solutions

Collection business is one of the biggest businesses in the call center industry. The call centers run campaigns to remind people to pay their EMIs on time. The EMIs can be for mortgages, loans, automobile, etc. Generally, the businesses use the call center solution studded with a wide array of features. However, the working model of the call centers running campaigns for collection is different than the traditional call center campaigns. Also, there are many call centers that provide calling services for collection. Thus, we have developed a feature rich collection module.

The collection module is a module which can be integrated within our contact center solution, Dialshree. Also, it is compatible with the VICIDial: Open Source Call Center Software. We can also develop a custom collection module to fit your business model.

What does a collection module do?

This is a specific module which is designed and developed only for the companies and call centers that run collection related campaigns. This article shares more details on how this solution works and benefits the collection companies.

The collection module lets the supervisors and managers feed in the contacts that need to be called every month. The collection module also has a feature, called, Payment Utility. This feature filters out all those lead numbers that have already paid the EMIs. It means the agents will only call those leads that need to pay the EMI. The collection module also allows putting all leads in different groups, called, bucket. The module itself stores all required information, including, payment history of the customer. Furthermore, it supports API integration, which allows integrating any solution with the call center software. For example, the call center CRM integration is possible to fetch all details of the customer on the live call so agents can have personalized communication with the customers.

The collection module also provides a wide array of features related to the collection campaigns. For example, it allows scheduling a callback if the customer wants to have a call back on the predefined date and time. The disposition bucket in the collection module offers relevant disposition messages such as “filed collection” which means collection needs to be done by the field agent or “PTP with the date” which means the customer has promised to pay on a specific date.

The collection module reduces the tedious work of the agents by automating various operations. It has personalized features and that’s why it is very helpful for the companies and call centers that run collection campaigns. It removes intricacies and let agents perform with the double speed.

This is a ready to use module and furnished with a lot of features. A complete explanation of this solution is available in the below Infographic.

To know more about this collection module and to have a demo, contact us.

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