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Contact Center Solution with Latest Trends for Structured Customer Experience

VoIP solutions October 9, 2018

A lot of changes were seen in the field of call center software and customer experience in the year 2017. Virtual agents and cloud communications were on the front line of everyone’s minds, and social media became more important than ever.

Talking about 2018, this year is shaping up to be the year of deliberate thinking, increasing intentional social media conversations, better analytics, and new ways to involve artificial intelligence.

I would like to share a list of the most influential trends that have affected the call center software and their technologies in recent years:

High-end contact center analytics:

The days where one had to rely on administrative skills and know-how to get the best out of a call center agent is gone. Even small businesses are seeking advantage of real-time analytics to convert real-time data like ongoing calls, ringing calls, etc. That’s the reason the contact center solutions like Dialshree with live call details are gaining more popularity.

Digital Transformation:

As customers are demanding more consistent and comprehensive experience from the contact centers an BPOs, the interactions are no longer an unequalled venture. Digital transformation is playing a big role in this industry.

With evolutions like blended omnichannel communications through the internet of things (IoT), a positive digital transformation strategy is becoming the focal point for some growing businesses. Moreover, the Call Center Social Media Integration is becoming buzz in the industry.

A widespread omnichannel communication:

This type of communications (in terms of contact center solution) continues to segregate responsible businesses from their more responsive counterparts. It is also successful in giving the customer a personal feel that leads to quick decision making.

The BPOs, KPOs, Call Centers and Customer care centers need the omnichannel contact center solution that can let them use all modes of communication. Mass incorporation of Cloud in call centers: This trend is particularly becoming more important as a part of their communication infrastructure strategies.

Cloud is becoming a necessity for the businesses that want to take advantage of smooth team communications and remote access of their communication infrastructure, including the call center software.

Increased number of remote agents:

The remote agents in call center business have become an indefinite segment. With the add-on modules like Remote Agent available in contact center software, the agents can carry their work while on the move backed with access to real-time analytics.

Social media conversations in a “two-way” methodology:

To improve in the field of contact center solution, an effective presence in social media is necessary. Customers require a platform where they can go and place a feedback and gain knowledge about their liked businesses. All these leads from social media needs to be collected and contacted to increase sales and customer retention. The social media call center integration has made this possible.

Merger of AI with customer interactions:

These days businesses are getting more extended into predictive analytics, using AI apps (falls under call center software) to assist symmetrical call center experiences for customers and agents. It’s worth studying the business advantages of contact center solution that uses AI.

It makes customer behavior predicative so the better service can be given. We all know predictive dialers and its popularity. Now, the call center solutions are moving ahead to gain more benefits with the AI.


Call center solution has to be taken care of if that firm is seriously looking forward to a bright future. Predicting the next big thing can be intimidating, but the fast transformations in call center solution are actually taking over.

Prosperous brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to structured customer experience by spending on the new technologies and developing their human agents accordingly!

Our Contact center solution, Dialshree is furnished with amazing modules and feature that makes it the best contact center solution for the companies looking for an ultimate solution. Contact us for more details and a free demo.

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