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Contactless Contact Centers: Everything You Need to Know

With the changing dynamics in the industry, many things are getting changed, too. From the COVID 19 pandemic to changing user behavior, advancements in technology, challenges with investment, etc. have changed the dynamics of contact centers. One of the emerging shifts in the contact center industry is the increasing popularity of contactless contact centers.

The contactless contact centers have been the buzz word and if you don’t know what it is, there is nothing to worry about. Here is the complete explanation of the contactless contact centers and all other important details you would like to know.

What is a contactless contact center?

The contact center setup, which operates with a working model that removes physical contact among employees, admin, customers, etc., is called the contactless contact center. In simpler words, it is a remote or virtual contact center.

The contact center solution will be used to support the remote operations of contactless contact centers. However, the contact center software will need more features than it would have in a physical setup. The reason is the contactless contact centers need exclusive features to support the remote work model.

Which do the must-have features to support operations of contactless contact centers?

All standard and advanced features

A contact center will operate normally even if it is a contactless contact center. It will have the same campaigns and the same operations to handle. The only difference is staff will work remotely. Therefore, the contactless contact centers will need the same features in their cloud call center solution as they would need in their on-premises call center software.

Work from home features

Along with the advanced call center solution features, the contactless contact centers will also need features and functionalities to support their remote work model. For this, the contactless contact centers need work from home features. Some call center solutions offer features like ring group and host the software on the cloud to support remote work. However, it is not enough. The contact center software to support contactless contact centers will need exclusive features such as the Work from Home add-on offered to the DialShree contact center solution users. It supports remote work in all circumstances to assure uninterruptable workflow.

More details about Work from Home Add-on

Better monitoring and supervision features

As the team would operate remotely, it is necessary to have a contact center solution that provides advanced monitoring and supervision features like live statistics and dashboards. This type of feature can help in making contactless contact centers more productive and efficient.

Collaborative tools

The contactless contact centers should also have a clear system in place for seamless collaboration. For example, a contact center solution like DialShree offers an internal chat feature that can be used for collaboration. Other than that, the contact centers can use web conferencing solutions, Slack, and similar tools for seamless collaboration.

The contactless contact centers are growing in popularity and as per the majority of call centers, this trend is here to stay. If you are also thinking to adopt a contactless contact center model, make sure you get all the right tools and an ideal contact center solution. We offer these tools and the required consultancy, too. Contact us for more details.

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