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Courier Companies Boost Efficiency up to 60% with Truecaller for Business

Truecaller for business is gaining massive popularity due to the fascinating benefits it has to offer. Various industry verticals that coordinate with customers or end users can use this tool in one way or another. Courier companies and logistic businesses are some of those companies that gain a lot of advantages of using this service.

Truecaller for business verifies one or more phone numbers of a business and provides beneficial features like a trustworthy caller ID. There are several other features available for the users of this service. You can avail of this service from one of the legitimate partners of Truecaller like Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are one of the authorized partners of Truecaller that provides phone number verification service with Truecaller.

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Role of Truecaller in courier companies to boost efficiency up to 60%

Smoothly communicate with customers

Courier companies may need to communicate with a client who is going to receive the courier to confirm some facts such as address or direction. In many cases, customers don’t attend the call from unknown numbers or if caller ID does not reflect the correct company or person name. The benefit of using number verification from Truecaller for business is that the courier company can reflect the name of the company with a logo, verification badge, etc. in the caller ID of the Truecaller users. This will help in increasing customer reach and call pick-up rate up to 75%.

Deliver the courier on time

It has often been experienced by delivery boys that customers don’t pick up the calls when it is at their doorstep or nearby. When a delivery boy is searching for the exact house to which the courier needs to be delivered or wants to confirm if the customer is at the home to collect the courier or not, customers don’t attend the call. This results in missing deliveries and getting blamed for the same. The Truecaller for business helps in ensuring that the courier companies don’t need to worry about not getting attended to and still getting blamed. The companies can show the logs in case of discrepancies. Moreover, customers are also likely to attend the calls as they will know who is calling and what could be the reason.

The courier company can also show the reason for calling or use priority calling highlight to show the importance or urgency of a call to increase customer call reach and pickup rate.


Big companies that send couriers such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. have already started using these features to increase the efficiency of reaching out to clients on a timely basis by up to 60%. You, too, can gain the advantage of using these features and boosting your customer engagement rate, and increasing operational efficiency by connecting with clients at the right time using Truecaller for Business.

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