Leverage Trust & Authenticity with Us

Elision is now an authorized partner of Truecaller. This partnership can help you leverage the amalgamated benefits of technology and branding in one space.

Top Reasons to Use Elision Enabled Truecaller
Business Verified Caller ID

Present & Preserve True Brand Identity

Don’t allow anyone else to play with your business brand identity elements by having a verified and uneditable caller ID, which includes:

  • Caller ID with a genuine company name, logo. For example, Elision Technologies as a caller ID name and the logo Elision in place of the profile photo
  • Verification badge and verification tick mark
  • Green highlight to represent and reassure positive brand representation to local or global users.

Get a Global Attain

More than 300 million people across the globe and 220 million Indian users use Truecaller. With a verified business number, you will be able to reach any of these users to get a fair chance to connect with them to have a genuine business conversation.

Increase Your Calling Effieciency

Distinguish your calls from other spam calls
with a custom branded identity. Mention
“Reason for Call” to increase the call connect
ratio. Let your clients know you are calling
for their own good and not to send a spam deal.

Fair Opportunity to Talk Even
If Marked As Spam

Unlike red caller ID with general Truecaller, the
business verified numbers get a green caller ID
with a small indication reflecting spam marking
of call. Even if some people didn’t connect well
with your message, the rest can still listen to your offer.

Enable Priority Calling

An exclusive feature for time-sensitive calls made by businesses that are extremely important for the end-user. Reach your users just in time for time-sensitive communication with Priority Calls

Insightful Analytics for
Better Strategy

Stop guessing work and get into data drive
action. Get insightful data and reports in the
form of analytics to monitor major KPIs that
can help you enhance your business calling campaigns:

  • Analysis of call pickup rate
  • Segmented call pattern analysis
  • User behavior analysis
  • Spam report analysis

Skyrocketed Benefits from Combo of
DialShree and Truecaller

  • Increase reach and call efficiency for all outbound campaigns
  • Show context of calling
  • Enhance your brand engagement & identity

Major Industries That Must Use Elision Enabled
Truecaller Business Verified Caller ID

call center
Call Centers

Make your calling campaigns more effective by getting an authorized and positive business badge as a caller ID to distinguish your business from others.

  • Share a reason for the call
  • Highlight customer service priority
  • Increase conversions and other KPIs
  • Get a fair shot even if you are flagged as spam
Bank and Finance
Banking and

With Truecaller Verification, you can present a legitimate, positive, and trustworthy brand that people would love to connect with.

  • Show the reason such as KYC verification, customer success call, etc.
  • Highlight emergency of connection in case of account status update
  • Label priority calling to get connected for collection calls

Using Truecaller business, you can share the business branded caller ID, it has become easier to get attended instantaneously.

  • Show the trustworthy brand name and logo
  • Show green highlight to convey a positive message
  • Reach the concerned person on time, without a miss
  • Courier, food, groceries, logistic, post, etc. get attended efficiently

Make it clear to the family of a patient or patient himself that the incoming call is for the betterment of the patient with a legitimate caller ID.

  • Mark the priority in case of a medical emergency
  • Show verified badge to connect and share health advice
  • Give healthcare appointment reminders on time

Give trust of your brand name to the customer and get the most of your calls connected to increase service and sales ratio. Give alerts and reminders and collect feedback efficiently.

  • Remind the upcoming vehicle service date
  • Remind insurance renewal date
  • Collect post-service feedback collection
  • Announce the launch of a new model, etc.
  • Get attended instantly for pick up or drop vehicle for/ after service
Increase your overall business calling efficiency & Convey Your Brand Message with Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID