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DialShree Advancements 2020: Made It More Prevailing

Smart Solutions December 28, 2020

DialShree has been one of the leading call center solutions. For more than 13 years, we have been catering to our global customers with this advanced and feature-rich call center solution. Since its launch, this software has been one of the most advanced and most appreciated solutions. To stay ahead of time, we have been innovating and adding an amazing range of features. The year 2020 was hard, but it could not stop us from adding more advanced and empowering features.

In this blog, we will share more details of the major features we have added this year to benefit our customers.

1. Data verification

This add-on lets managers verify and authenticate phone numbers and email addresses. In addition to that, Data Verification add-on also provides value-added information such as the country of the lead, its time zone, local phone format, phone carrier, country code, etc. The information provided by this add-on can help in classifying leads and run group-wise campaigns.

2. WhatsApp integration

We have been offering call center CRM integration as well as email and SMS integration. We have added call center WhatsApp integration to offer an additional communication channel.  After the integration, WhatsApp will be made available within the call center dialer as an additional communication channel.

3. Social media integration

Along with WhatsApp, we have also added social media platforms. Customers use social networking sites to share their thoughts and queries. To address these questions and concerns of clients or prospective customers, the use of social media channels has become necessary. To make sure our customers do not need to juggle between different social media channels and call center software, we have made the integration of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. with our call center solution, DialShree.

4. Collection module

One more amazing feature, we have added to our contact center solution is a collection module. It is an exclusive module developed with multiple features to empower collection agencies. It automates many operations related to collection campaigns to ensure high productivity and accuracy. Our call center collection integration service has empowered many collection companies.

5. DialShree Mobi

The use of smartphones has increased like anything in the past decade. To help call centers using DialShree and interested in using a mobile app to run calling campaigns, we have developed a mobile app, called DialShree Mobi. This mobile app is available for both, Android and Apple users. It has all features that agents need to handle incoming, outgoing, or blended calls.

6. Work from Home Add-on

The year 2020 changed many things and one of them was the working model. Many on-premises call center solutions switched to remote setup. We made a cloud call center solution available to our customers. Not only that, to ensure all challenges and roadblocks can be removed, we have developed the Work from Home module. It helps call centers to run true remote call centers. It can work even when agents do not have a system and internet. It has different working models, which make remote working possible.

7. Hosted call center solution

We also launched a hosted solution this year. Now, call centers or companies can choose to use hosted software instead of buying the license. All features and unified communication channels are made available at affordable rates.

If you are interested in any of these launched products or our call center software contact us.

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