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DialShree: Best Call Center Solution for Indian Call Centers

India is one of the countries which have many BPOs, KPOs and call centers. The country has many well established call centers as well as it has many emerging call centers. As we all know lifeline of any call center is the call center solution. Thus, we would like to share about one of the best call center solutions for Indian call centers. We are talking about DialShree.

DialShree is used by many big brands in India such as, Tech Mahindra, AEGIS, CarDekho, PMC bank, Prudent, SVC bank, TATA Housing, CIMS, IndusHealth, etc., which prove its worth as the best call center solution India. I would be glad to share the top reasons which make it the best call center solution India and makes us the best service provider.

TRAI Compliant

We have developed this call center solution by keeping the rules of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in mind. It means it adheres all law an Indian call center should follow. It works on both, PRI and SIP lines. Also, we have been offering the call center software to Indian customers for more than a decade, so we will guide you to set up the call center by keeping all aspects in place. This assures you don’t need to worry about the legal aspects.

Turnkey solution

We are the only service provider that offers a turnkey contact center solution India. We not only provide the call center software, but we also provide all required hardware to set up the call center. It means you will have a single vendor who will take care of your complete need. You will not need to find and manage multiple vendors.

On-site services

For call centers in India, we offer on-site services, if requested. It means our VoIP experts will come to your premises to install the call center solution along with the hardware. They will make a complete setup for you. Furthermore, if you want ongoing support, we put the on-site engineers as well. Again, we are the only service provider in India who offer this service.

Feature rich call center solution

Our call center solution is provisioned with all required features. In fact, it is one of the most advanced contact center solution. There is not any single feature which you would miss in the DialShree.

Scalable call center solution

We have developed DialShree in a way that it offers amazing scalability. Here, we are not talking about only increase of agent seats and concurrent calls, but we are also talking about the functional scalability. You can integrate any third party API or software within it to increase its power.

For example, web form integration will add all leads from your web form to the call center solution to run a calling campaign. The social media integration will fetch all leads and add in your call center software to run a campaign on it.

Affordable rates

We understand everything should fit into the budget. Thus, we have made sure that you get all required features in our call center solution and we have kept the advanced features separate to provide the additional value added functions as modules. This way the call centers in India can decide which additional features they want and pay for only those features.

These are the top 5 facts which make DialShree the best call center solution India. It has already proven its worth in the Indian call center market by being the lifeline of our clients that use it in their call centers. If you still have a doubt, contact us to get a free demo and answers to your questions.

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