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DialShree Mobi and Its Top Benefits

VoIP solutions June 4, 2020

DialShree Mobi has started benefiting businesses that use call center solution and want to take advantage of a remote working model. In this article, you will learn more about it.

What Is DialShree Mobi?

It is a call center dialer mobile app. It is one of the leading mobile applications available for the call centers and similar businesses that run inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

DialShree Mobi is now also available in the Google Play Store and registered DialShree Mobi users can start using it to run inbound and outbound calling campaigns via their Android phone. This mobile app is beneficial to the users of DialShree: Call Center Solution.

All features available to agents in a web panel are now available in this mobile app. If a call center or a business uses the omnichannel call center solution, then agents will be able to access all omnichannel features such as email, SMS, WhatsApp messenger, etc. in this mobile app.

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What Are the Benefits of Using DialShree Mobi?

There are many benefits of using this mobile app of call center dialer. Let me share the top 3 benefits of using this call center dialer app.

1. Successful remote call center operations

Virtual call centers are becoming more and more popular. There are many benefits of running a call center with a team of remote agents that are working from home. Nowadays, there is hardly anyone who does not use a smartphone. On the other hand, there can be people who do not have a computer or laptop.

Adopting a mobile app for call center solution helps in letting agents work from home with ease and comfort. DialShree Mobi empowers companies to run call center operations, whether it is customer support or telesales swiftly in a remote environment.

2. Save money

DialShree Mobi is a mobile app which can be used via a smartphone as any other app. One does not need to invest in additional hardware, software, and applications otherwise needed to install, use, and manage a call center solution.

Moreover, there is no maintenance cost related to the DialShree Mobi app as it is accessed via the smartphones of agents. All these save a significant amount of money for call centers.

3. Keep everyone safe

Nowadays, the world is moving through a very sensitive phase. COVID 19 has put everyone in a weird situation. People and the governments definitely take all the required steps to run business, but still, there is some sort of uncertainty about the safety of everyone.

Thus, in a call center or any company, it is necessary to take all the measures to keep team members safe. However, even after taking multiple safety measures, still, there are chances that people may get infected and spread the same in other team members. By using DialShree Mobi, call centers can let agents work from the safe environment of their houses.

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