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Driving Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Contact Center Solutions in Africa

African countries have been attracting businesses and customers overseas because of friendly legislation, enthusiastic manpower, and several other driving factors. Several industries are thriving in Africa and one of them is the call center industry. Many countries choose African businesses to manage customer care campaigns for effective performance management.

Traditionally, African call centers used to lag because of not investing in technologies, but now dynamics are changed upside down. The contact center solutions Africa are much more powerful and augmented to help African call centers define the best customer satisfaction strategies and delight customers while impressing businesses.

Technology is changing and coming up with new inventions every now and then, which often forces call centers in Africa to stretch their budget to get one of the best technologies onboard to stay competitive. However, it is necessary to make mindful investments in contact center solutions Africa, so call centers can stay competitive and keep increasing their profit making.

The top technological advancements adopted by African call centers keep their customer satisfaction strategies and performance management spirited. Let’s explore how different features of the most advanced solution for call centers in Africa can drive customer satisfaction to the next level.

1. AI-Powered chatbots

You might get surprised to know that these chatbots are much more than just auto serving chatbots used by several websites. For call centers, you will find chatbots that have several other technologies integrated into them such as predictive analytics, natural language processing, speech to text converter, voice sentiment analysis, text sentiment analysis, conversational AI, and more.

The AI-powered chatbots are capable of assisting both customers and agents. They help customers to take the necessary action and get the ultimate resolution without any need for an agent.

According to Tidio, 62% of customers prefer to use chatbot instead of staying on hold while waiting for an agent to answer. These chatbots can also help agents to predict common user behavior with integrated predictive analytics. Moreover, it can suggest agents with personalized responses to impress clients.

These chatbots help in resolving even complicated and multi-step problems with vague instructions given by clients because the database and self-learning capabilities of these bots are huge. Implementing AI-powered chatbots in African call centers can reduce more than half of the workload, so agents can focus on other productive jobs. This helps in delivering more focused customer care and revising customer satisfaction strategies to become better and more effective.

2. Agent scoring/ Agent Rank

The best contact center solutions Africa implement an agent scoring mechanism based on different criteria focused on the positive performance management of agents. Call centers very well know better agent performance means better customer care and improved customer satisfaction.

Agent scoring mechanism is also driven by AI algorithms similar to AI-Powered chatbots. The software uses AI tools like natural language processing, voice sentiment analysis, and more to analyze different performance metrics of agents. Based on all these criteria, it can score each call and even give an overall performance score to each agent.

The overall score creates a scoreboard of agents with different Agent Rank. This gives more reliable data to design different training programs to sharpen the skills of agents. Moreover, it helps in grouping agents in a way that they can handle calls more effectually, so customer satisfaction can surpass the expectations of clients.

Agent scoring with AI tools also has the benefit of self training. Agents can evaluate their own performance with the AI generated results and improve. For example, if an agent call has a long pause or silence, he or she can easily workout on this mistake in the next call to deliver better customer support without long awkward silence.

3. Intelligent routing

First Call Resolution (FCR) is one of the most important KPIs measured in call centers in Africa because it helps in saving resources, boost the morale of agents, and of course, increases customer satisfaction. Intelligent call routing strategies have a great impact on customer satisfaction strategies. This helps in increasing first call resolution along with several other KPIs.

Nowadays, contact center solutions Africa implements multiple call routing strategies that are empowered with artificial intelligence. Depending on the user input, the software can put customers in the right call queues, self serving options, or even delegate the customer to the AI-Powered chatbots to increase FCR and effectiveness of customer care strategies.

4. Unified agent desktops

The best way to improve customer satisfaction is by empowering agents with the best tools. Unified agent desktops are one of the advanced tools that help agents to reduce average handle time, improve personalization, and reduce average hold time. Depending on the technology used in the software, a unified agent desktop can have different features. Some of the key features integrated into unified agent desktops are listed below:

  • Communication channels
  • QC (Quality Control) tools
  • Knowledge base
  • Backend support system
  • Integrated CRM
  • Scheduling tools
  • Voice analytics

These tools can also have advanced tools like predictive analytics to help agents work more efficiently and with retrieved information on the desk to deliver faster responses. The unified agent desktop can be customized depending on the business and customer care models of businesses in Africa.

How do these technology tools help in driving customer satisfaction?

Improving agent performance

Agents directly communicate with customers and they indeed drive customer satisfaction. Therefore, a majority of tools are developed to empower agents to work more proactively, confidently, and efficiently. The aforementioned tools help agents to get access to the best features at their fingertips, boost morale and achieve a high FCR rate.

Reduce errors

Whether you are using a manual agent or AI tools like AI-Powered chatbots, it is necessary to eliminate all possible errors. Reducing manual work with AI and similar technologies help in reducing errors to make customer satisfaction strategies more dependable in African call centers. The right training sessions, focused KPIs, and other business aspects help businesses in Africa to achieve higher customer satisfaction without making major errors.

Driving customer satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any call center using one of the best contact center solutions Africa is to achieve high customer satisfaction. Technology makes it possible with the least effort and the most efficiency. This is the reason AI driven technology has made its way into proactive customer care and support businesses.

Concluding notes

The Africa based call center industry is a giant. Call centers in Africa cater to the diverse horizon of industries and businesses with offshore customer care strategies. For effective performance management, it is necessary to use advanced technology in their software such as predictive analytics, voice analysis, chatbots, and more.

All this helps in empowering agents, so they can deliver better customer service. These tools and features integrated into the call center software further help in making self-serving options more dependable, swift, and error-free. This promotes the ultimate goal of driving customer satisfaction to the next level.

We have been catering to call centers in Africa with our innovative solution developed with advanced technology tools, algorithms, and features. We also help African call centers to embark on their journey or upgrade their existing infrastructure to use technologically advanced software.

DialShree is one of the most advanced contact center solutions. It can help in defining tailored and personalized customer satisfaction strategies with its unique features. To learn more about this software and to book a free demo now, contact us.

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