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Elision Attained Prestigious VNO License From DOT

Blog November 30, 2023

The Ahmedabad-based unified telecommunication solution provider Elision has been helping brands enhance their customer experience as per their business needs since its inception. Backed by their years of hard work and dedication, they have recently added a new entity to their business by attaining the prestigious VNO License from the Department of Telecommunications.

A VNO license is one that allows an entity to cater telecom services to the people without establishing the required telecom infrastructure. As the license is of several types, it is tough to attain. With this prestigious license, Elision has chiseled its name in the top 5% of players in the industry.

In light of the brand’s achievement, the CEO and MD, Mehul Shah, shared his views, “This Elision VNO license is a milestone in our mission of telecom business expansion and Telecom industry recognition. With the DOT license approval, we have established a new entity, Elision Telecom Pvt. Limited. I consider this as a big win for us as we can now empower our clients and partners to meet all their network and telecommunication requirements.”

He further added, “The license will enable us to handle seamless and affordable services. Moreover, we can cater to our clients with powerful solutions that can help them establish communication with their clients from anywhere. So, we do not just assist our clients but their clients too”.

Talking about the technicalities of the license. He said, “We believe in the 'Make in India' vision, and this license serves as a significant promoter for our commitment to creating a 100% compliant telecommunication environment.”

The best thing is that the company’s profile will be amplified, establishing trustful relationships with its clients.

To put it concisely, the license will benefit Elision client's and partners in several ways, such as

Cost Savings: Our services help our clients and partners save money by reducing telecom expenses.
Tailored Solutions: We customize our services to meet needs covering voice, data and other value added services.
Wider Coverage: Our services extend to areas ensuring comprehensive coverage.
Reliability & Flexibility: We offer services that can adapt to your business growth providing an user experience.
Strategic Alliances: We create value through bundled offerings, cross promotions and value added packages.
Regulatory Compliance: We prioritize data security, customer privacy and lawful interception to ensure compliance.
Exceptional Support: Our priority is providing customer support and assistance whenever you need it.
Quality Assurance: With access, to high quality network infrastructure we deliver an user experience.
Global Reach: Enjoy connectivity options with our network reach.
Innovation Hub: Explore the telecom technologies in our innovation hub.

About Elision

Elision is a reputed name in the landscape of businesses offering unified telecom solutions to corporates and enterprises. Our trail-blazing products and solutions, such as Dial Shree, Helpdesk ticketing system, WhatsApp integration, Greeter, IP PBX, etc., are surefire to serve your customers both domestically and internationally.

With the newly obtained VNO license, we can further transform our solutions and services to their clients by making cloud telephony solutions more affordable and compliant. Our solution, DialShree, is also ready for a 2.0 upgrade which will further make the telecommunication solutions better.

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