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Kamailio January 26, 2015

Kamailio is basically an open sourced SIP server which is able to handle a thousand phone calls per second. A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server basically deals with all the call setups in a particular network and is the most important part of an IP PBX system.

A SIP server is also commonly known as a Registrar or as a SIP proxy. However, it can only carry out the set up of calls and the tear down of calls. It cannot help in transmitting or receiving the audio.

Why is a SIP server useful?

There are two separate phases included in a Voice Call. In the first phase the “call set up” occurs, while in the second one the “data transfer” happens.

The call set up phase includes all the information that is required to connect the two telephones so that they can “talk” and the second stage of data transfer is basically what is required to move the voice packet between the two phones which need to be connected.

SIP can also be used to handle instant messaging conferences and video and audio meetings. SIP is a very simple protocol, but it is able to adopt the behavior of a traditional PBX system.

Kamailio is one of the fastest, best, most efficient, effective and flexible SIP servers out there. It is able to handle over a thousand calls on low-configuration machine. It uses C-shell like scripting language to control the behavior of a server.

It is a fast load balancer and can be customized very easily to suit all of your preferences, specifications and requirements.

The following servers can handle Kamailio:

  • Proxy server (SIP)
  • Location server (SIP)
  • Dispatcher server (SIP)
  • Registrar server (SIP)
  • Application server (SIP)

Features of Kamailio:

  • It can run on embedded systems with a totally limited amount of resources.
  • It can handle up to 5000 call set ups per second when used as a load balancer in stateless mood.
  • With 4GB memory, this system can handle a population of 300,000 subscribers to the website.
  • It can be used in excellent VoIP platforms which are geographically distributed.
  • It has an extremely straightforward failover and redundancy.
  • Kamailio can be modified to suit routing logic as well as requirements.
  • Kamailio is available at any hour of the day and you can get professional support with the 24/7 availability option.

If you get high volume of phone calls, your organization should seriously consider Elision Tech’s Kamailio.

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