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Elision Technologies Shines at Bharat BFSI Leadership Summit & Awards 2024.

News February 20, 2024

Elision Technologies, a leading provider of communication solutions impressed attendees at the Bharat BFSI Leadership Summit and Awards 2024 with their innovative AI- driven communication platforms that are revolutionizing debt collection strategies and improving customer experiences. Their next gen solutions & product demonstration at the summit, and winning the AI-Powered Omnichannel Communication Solution of the Year for Best CX award among esteemed BFSI leaders highlighted their leadership in the industry.

As Mehul Shah, CEO & MD of Elision Technologies graciously accepted the award he emphasized the company's dedication to offering cutting edge solutions in the BFSI sector. By utilizing state of the art AI technology, team Elision aims to revolutionize customer interactions and customer experience at scale. Mr. Shah envisions a future where personalized communication driven by artificial intelligence will be pivotal, in reshaping the BFSI landscape.

AI-powered super agents have impressed many by effectively blending natural languages with specific purpose driven interactions, empowering collection agencies to manage intricate banking inquiries, identity verification processes, payment/ loan related questions and offering tailored experiences in various languages. These super agents not only boost efficiency and productivity but also deliver exceptional customer service around the clock.

Moreover, Elision's AI-driven debt collection platform has been widely praised as a comprehensive platform in the industry. By leveraging machine learning algorithms this platform examines customer behaviors and their trends to enhance debt collection strategies. And it helps the Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) sector for increased recovery rates, better cost savings and a streamlined automated collection process.

During his keynote speech, Mr. Ankur Sharma, Business Head at Elision emphasized the importance of embracing omnichannel communication solution to enhance customer satisfaction and experience. Elision's AI powered solution seamlessly merges communication channels such as voice calls, chats, emails, SMS,  and social media platforms to provide a unified and personalized experience for customers.

He also introduced an integrated AI-driven voice analysis platform that elevates service quality (QoS) and communication standards (QoC) without human involvement. This system offers insights like call analysis, emotion and sentiment assessments as well as verbose and silence analysis.

Additionally he highlighted the importance of communication advancements in the banking and finance sector emphasizing how utilizing voice bots and AI-driven super agents could transform customer interactions seamlessly.

Elision Technologies, with a client base of over 250+ BFSI esteemed organizations has played a pivotal role in helping companies achieve substantial productivity gains and notable improvements in their collection figures. Their innovative solutions have revolutionized operations for businesses in the BFSI sector enabling them to offer seamless customer experiences and enhance their overall success. Schedule Free Demo Today! ✨

Conclusion: Elision's impressive performance at the Bharat BFSI Leadership Summit And Awards 2024 demonstrated their dedication to excellence and technological innovation. Through leveraging AI-powered communication platforms which empowers customer interactions, debt collection processes and helps banking and insurance companies to attain remarkable productivity and collection outcomes. The future of the BFSI industry hinges on embracing these transformative technologies, with Elision Technologies leading the charge.

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