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Elision’s Custom VICIDial Module Empowered ‘Remote Agent’ Work Model

Remote Agent is a growing trend in the call center industry and many call centers have started supporting that due to multiple benefits it offers which include:

  • Wider access to talented call center agents to choose for your own call center
  • No issue of Human Resource management
  • Save money on infrastructure expense to support onsite staff
  • Save money for physical space
  • And more

These call centers use one or another call center software to streamline their work with the onsite and remote agents. The call center software not only makes things well organized, but also makes it automated, fast and tractable. The VICIDial is one of the most commonly used contact center solution across the globe.

In a generic scenario, a remote agent who works from home needs to log into the call center solution or web client and then start calling or answering the calls. This makes logging into the system necessity. Sometimes this is not that flexible for an agent as it creates a lot of restrictions.

Some of these restrictions or roadblocks to a smooth working for a remote agent are listed below:

  • The agent must have a system access
  • The agent must have good internet connection as this type of software work on internet protocols

All agents may not have such high end infrastructure. Also, this restricts the original idea of remote working as the agent has to be at some place with supporting infrastructure. One more serious issue with Indian companies is due to TRAI RULES which restricts IP telephony in India.

According to TRAI, you cannot use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for calling purpose. This law breaking has serious penalties and jail sentence as well. Thus, for Indian Call Centers it becomes even more difficult to support work from home model for their call center or customer support center.

Elision has come up with one stop solution for all barriers to remote agent work model for Indian and global call centers.

Elisiontec’s call center and VICIDial experts have developed an advanced module to fully support the ‘Remote Agent Model’.  This module can work for both, on-premises and cloud based call center solutions. Let us explain how:

  • The VICIDial custom model implementation will allow an agent to work from anywhere with his cell phone or Smartphone. It means he doesn’t need to access the call center software or VICIDial client to operate; all he needs is a phone. (Please be advised this phone will be registered into the VICIDial system with the stated custom module and the agent has to use the registered phone number for his call center operations)
  • For Indian call centers, Elisiontec has made additional provision which ensure to use PRI lines instead of VoIP lines which ensures you adhere the TRAI rules and regulation and avoid any legal issues. Isn’t it cool? A completely operational call center solution along with the law adherence

The agent can perform calling using this registered cell phone number and the custom VICIDial module of Elsiiontec will track each and every activity of the agent.

It means get an extensive range of reports which is bread and butter for any call center operations. There are many other benefits which can empower the ‘Remote Agent’ model for call centers in India and across the globe by removing all barriers.

Elisiontec also has an advanced contact center solution, namely, Dialshree. This contact center solution supports ‘Remote Agent’ and many other value added features. It can work on both, on-premises and cloud environment.

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