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GITEX Dubai 2023: The Future of Customer Interaction and Beyond!

Call Center Solution September 26, 2023

Customer service is an essential part of almost every business. Effective customer service relies on seamless customer interactions. In the fast-paced world, the reliance on traditional ways of interaction does not work. As customers require solutions to their problems faster, brands and businesses need to gear up with the right technology.

As per statistics, 35% of customers become angry while talking to customer service. Moreover, 12% of customers report a lack of speed as a common cause of frustration. In scenarios like this, using technologies like AI and other state-of-the-art solutions becomes imperative. Moreover, as the interaction channels have increased, their seamless management is also necessary.

Here in this article, we will talk about some exceptional customer interaction solutions. We will also uncover some of the latest trends regarding the same.

Omnichannel Customer Interaction

We know that there are different channels for customer direction today. Therefore, Omnichannel customer interaction is a strategy that includes all these channels and ensures that the customer experience across all of them is connected and consistent.

The so-called customer interaction channels can be the brick and mortar stores, social media websites, emails, and even website or app chatbots.

In simple terms, Omni channel customer interaction breaks the barriers between different channels. The customers can interact with the brand via different channels while their conversations are synced in real-time across all of them.

For example, a customer can begin a conversation with a business from a chatbot and receive the resolution in an email without providing any extra input in the email.

The use of Omni channel customer interaction has several benefits for businesses.

  • Competitive edge: One of the prime benefits of Omnichannel customer interaction is comparative edge. Statistics suggest that brands with top Omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% increase in revenue. On the other hand, brands with a poor Omnichannel strategy see a revenue boost of just 3.4%.
  • Builds brand identity: If you aim for omnichannel customer interactions in your business, it will help you build a unique brand identity.
  • Customer retention rate: Another significant advantage of having an Omnichannel customer interaction is a boost in customer attention rate. Omnichannel customer engagement strategies help businesses retain 89% of their customers.
  • Better reach: It goes without saying that with an Omnichannel customer interaction strategy, your business can have better reach. For example, if a person is not active on his or her email but is a regular social media user, they can interact with your brand via social media apps. Thereby allowing them to interact with your customer service. Statistics suggest that resolving customer queries on social media can boost revenue by 20-40%.
  • Quality data collection: As per statistics, 31% of users stay loyal to a brand because of personalized experience. Now, to ensure that your customers get a personalized experience, you need quality data. This is where an Omnichannel communication strategy can help. Customers provide a lot of data while interacting with different channels. As data across all the channels is unified, you can analyze it to know customer preferences, behavior, and reactions.

Though the concept of an omnichannel customer interaction strategy is pretty lucrative,  implementing such a strategy comes with several challenges.

  • The number one challenge is the lack of integration and consistency. As all the channels need to be synchronized, it becomes tough to integrate them if they are from different vendors. Moreover, maintaining consistency in unified communication across various teams also poses a challenge.
  • The second challenge that omnichannel customer engagement faces is the availability of the right tools and resources. People with the right skills are required, along with powerful software to manage, monitor, and optimize campaigns. Therefore, only big businesses can invest in such a strategy.

With the right omnichannel customer engagement solution, you can Increase process efficiency,  customer experience and business revenue.

What are the Various Customer Engagement Strategies?

If we take a deeper look into the concept of Omnichannel communication, it involves several aspects that ensure customer journey optimization. These strategies can help improve customer experience.

  • Personalization and Customization

Personalization is the primary arrow in your quiver. No matter if you are an eCommerce business, manufacturing business, retail or something else, your contact center solutions or customer service solutions should include personalization features.

As per McKinsey, 76% of customers get frustrated when they don't receive a personalized experience. Therefore, invest in an omnichannel solution that has data collection and analysis features to find the preferences and needs of the customers.

  • Proactive customer support

Proactive customer support includes anticipating and aiming to resolve the issue of the customer before it becomes a primary problem. For example, sending a notification to the customer to renew their yearly subscription. Sending an alert to the customer to make the purchase before the offer period ends.

Proactive customer support reduces negative experiences and boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback and surveys

Feedback and surveys are an excellent way to know what your customers think about your products and services. It helps in improving your product and services and also boost customer experience.

Other than these, there are many more strategies. However, not all of them would fit as per the current industrial scene. You need to implement strategies based on changing customer experience trends.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the primary technology trends that is affecting almost every industry sector. In the customer service industry, several advanced communication solutions are backed by AI. The perfect examples are AI-based chatbots and assistants.

How AI Can Revolutionize Customer Interaction and Engagement?

Many of you may have heard of AI-based chatbots. However, the use of AI in customer interaction and engagement is not limited to chatbots and assistants.

  • AI chatbots: In the world of AI chatbots, it can be a first line of defense against customer queries. AI chatbots can work 24/7 and handle simple to complex queries, like tracking orders, booking a ticket, cancelling an order, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is an exceptional application of AI. With the analysis of current and historical data, brands can know about the preferences of the customer. Further, it can also estimate purchasing patterns and target users with personalized recommendations.
  • AI-powered Call Centre agent: AI-powered call center agents or AI voice assistants can be super helpful in assisting customers. The best thing about an AI-powered call center agent is the speed of the task. Moreover, they can be easily scaled as per needs.
  • AI-driven Speech Analytics: AI-driven speech analytics tools are employed to analyze customer-agent interactions in real time. They transcribe and monitor conversations, identifying keywords, phrases, and trends. Speech analytics helps contact centers detect compliance issues, capture insights about customer preferences and pain points, and provide valuable feedback to improve agent performance.

GITEX Dubai 2023

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) 2023 is a grand event taking place in Dubai. As per the latest news, over 14 tracks of exhibition will be there based on several industries like Cybersecurity, Data Economy, Digital Cities X AI, EdTech, Energy, etc.

AI will be the primary theme of the exhibition, and over 3,500 AI startups and enterprises will be participating. It will feature 500 hours of AI debate. Elision is one of those AI enterprises that will be participating in the GITEX global events. GITEX Dubai Dates are 16-20 October 2023. Meet us GITEX Global!

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