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High Availability Call Center Solution: Everything You Need to Know

A call center solution is a crucial component in any call center. Any disruption in the way a call center software solution works can disturb the whole operational flow of a call center. Thus, it is necessary to focus on using a call center solution, which is set up with an HA setup.

Have you heard about the HA (High Availability) setup of a contact center solution?

Do you know a high availability call center solution can deliver 99.95% of uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

Let’s explore more details about an HA contact center solution.

What is a high availability call center solution?

It is an advanced method of setting up a call center software solution with redundancy. More than one component of a contact center solution can have redundancy. The cluster setup of the components of the software like web, signaling, database, data, etc. can ensure even if the primary system fails, the secondary system will function.

There are three major types of cluster setup:

  • N+N redundancy
  • N+1 redundancy
  • 1+1 redundancy

If you want to know more about a high availability call center solution, you can read a complete article, here.

Key benefits of an HA call center solution setup:

1. Keep operations uninterruptible

One of the major advantages of having an HA solution is the uptime of the system. The system doesn’t fail even if the software or hardware fails for any reason. In more than 95% of cases, the system will be recovered within some minutes, in case of failure. This makes sure that work doesn’t stop due to system failure.

2. Save from financial loss

In a call center or any business that uses a contact center solution, the uptime of the software is very important. A dysfunctional system may result in financial loss because operations will stop completely. A business can lose potential customers and business. The HA system ensures the work continues and there is no financial loss.

3. Help in reputation management

If a call center software solution stops working, the customer care centers cannot deliver on-time customer support. If a cloud contact center solution is used to handle incoming leads or to generate sales leads, the company is less likely to be reachable by customers that are interested in buying the offerings. This may cause a bad user experience and may result in negative feedback from customers on the digital platform. This can damage a digital brand of a business.

4. Increase productivity

In any business, agent productivity defines an increase in revenues and business. Thus, people look for the best call center solutions that can support better performance and productivity of the agents. If the best call center software stops working, agents will have no system to take or make calls. This will reduce productivity drastically. The call center solution with cluster setup will ensure that the contact center dialer is available round the clock and agents work efficiently and productively.

In a nutshell, an HA-based call center solution will provide utmost efficiency in increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Thus, it is a must-have setup for a contact center solution.

We provide one of the best call center software along with HA setup. We also provide a high availability setup for any third-party or open source call center software. Contact us to initiate discussion.

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