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High Availability Call Center Solution: Quick Guide

High Availability solution aka HA solution means the solution which is provisioned in a way that it works actively with minimum possible downtime even in case of some type of failure. The common failures happen because of the hardware failure, server failure, signal failure, or software failure.

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The High Availability Call Center Solution is the provisioning of call center software in a way that if any one or more component of the system architecture such as, Data, Signaling, Web, Database, etc. fails, the system transfer operations on the secondary server.

The secondary server would have redundancy of the system components and it assures the seamless working of the call center solution even in case of failure due to any reason.

The High Availability Call Center Solution can be provisioned with different types of system architectures such as:

  • 1+1 redundancy
  • N+1 redundancy
  • N+N redundancy

The most prominent is the N+N redundancy. We, at Elision, have expertise in creating all three types of redundancy to provide the robust call center solution setup which work with minimum downtime.

In fact, we guarantee that the call center operations resume within one minute or maximum two minutes, not more than that. This is without a doubt the best performance offered for the call center software.

How High Availability Call Center Solution Works in Case of Failure?

Once the High Availability Call Center Solution is provisioned with one of the predefined redundancy model, the expert VoIP developers setup the automated failover support which is also known as “Hot Failover”.

In this type of setup for any reason if the main primary signaling server goes down all new incoming or outgoing calls will be routed to the new secondary signaling server. This process takes place and get completed within a timeframe of one to two minutes.

During this time, the agents would see a connection error on their system screen. However, within no time the secondary signaling server will take over the operations and the connection will be established again. The ongoing calls would get disconnected while system fails, but all new calls will go through via the secondary system. This type of setup assures the call center solution stays up and running with high performance so the agents can perform at their best.

We have experienced staff that has benefited many call centers with our High Availability Call Center Solution. We can provision the High Availability Call Center Solution for all custom and open source call center solutions. For more details, please contact us.

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