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Importance of High Availability Solutions

VoIP solutions March 18, 2019

VoIP business is related to communication and collaboration. Each minute hundreds of calls take place. The success of the VoIP business is pretty much dependent on the availability of the services which rely on up time of the server(s).

Here, the up time means the time during which the service of the VoIP service provider or VoIP solution user stays up and running. For example, the call centers use the call center solution to run calling campaigns. If the call center solution goes down, all campaigns get stopped and it can result in major loss for the call centers.

Likewise in other VoIP solutions and businesses as well the availability of the solutions is really crucial. The VoIP solutions keep functioning if Data, Signaling and web components work well.

The service providers provide robust and secure VoIP solutions, but it is possible that some issues occur such as, hardware failure, network connectivity issue, etc. In such failure, the software stops working and all the operations also stop which result in loss of productive time and resources. This becomes even more serious issue in the industry of VoIP as it is all about real time communication and collaboration.

The solution is: High Availability Solutions

The High Availability (HA) solution is actually a provisioning provided by the expert VoIP developers or the best VoIP company to assure 99.99% uptime of the VoIP solutions. The VoIP developers create redundancy of servers and make required provisioning for load balancing and failover.

They set up a secondary system based on the client’s budget and requirement and configure automated transfer of components (data, web and signaling) on the secondary server. This is really useful as it reduces the occurrences of loss of productivity or revenues by keeping VoIP solutions available all the time.

Even when due to certain circumstances if the VoIP solutions stop working due to failure or increased load on the primary server, the system will be switched to the secondary server. The users / executives / agents face the hiccup for just a minute or two and within no time the whole system will start functioning normally.

This High Availability solution can be provisioned for any VoIP solution with different types of setup. The automation of transfer of operations from one server to another is known as Hot failover handling. This assures that the operations are ongoing even if the system fails and the turnaround time of transferring the calls, data and signals from primary server to secondary server stay minimum possible.

Also, it removes the need of support engineers who need to take certain steps to transfer the operations on the secondary server which can result in longer delay in resuming the normal operations.

We, at Elision, have expertise in provisioning the HA solution for any custom or open source VoIP solutions. We have benefited many companies with our following types of HA solutions:

  • N+N Redundancy
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • 1+1 Redundancy

We also provide redundancy of database so in case of database failure the operations can be resumed from the replica of the database without any hiccups. To know more about our High Availability solution, please contact us.

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