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How a Hospital Can Handle Abandoned Calls with a Contact Center Solution?

Hospitals have been adopting multiple technology tools to improve the patient experience. Just like many other industries, the healthcare industry also faces high competition. That is why focusing on improved patient experience is necessary. Technology tools such as an omnichannel contact center solution for the healthcare industry can help hospitals to overcome multiple roadblocks. One of the roadblocks that an omnichannel contact center solution helps in overcoming is dealing with abandoned calls.

What is an abandoned call in the hospital?

A call that is hung up before reaching the hospital representative is called an abandoned call. The abandoned call rate shows the number of calls that were hung up, i.e., abandoned before reaching the hospital representative. A higher abandoned rate also shows a loss of opportunities and leads as those can be potential customers in a hospital. It may also add up to increased patient dissatisfaction.

How a contact center solution for hospitals helps in handling abandoned calls and reduce abandoned call rate?

An omnichannel contact center solution can help in reducing the abandoned call rate. Even if a hospital chooses to use a contact center solution without unified communication channels, the abandoned calls can be handled more professionally.

Let us share how.

IVR for self-service

  • Some of the calls received at a hospital are related to inquiries or common questions such as the status of the health checkup report, opening hours, healthcare appointment booking.
  • If the call queue is long, patients are likely to abandon the call.
  • A contact center solution for healthcare has a feature, called IVR. This feature can be used to automate repetitive options.
  • Self-service options with the right IVR can help in increasing patient satisfaction and reducing abandoned calls.

Callback option

  • The contact center solutions automate several jobs and this characteristic of this software can be used to handle abandoned calls better.
  • Callback scheduling is one of the automated features available in the contact center software for the hospital.
  • The patients waiting in the call queue should get an option to “Request a Callback” if the call queue is long.
  • This can help in reducing the lost opportunity rate.
  • The hospital staff will be able to reach the customer with an automated callback option available in the contact center solution for the hospital.

Call details

  • Unlike traditional telecom solutions such as landline number, the contact center solution for hospitals show call detail logs and reports.
  • This can help hospitals for better workforce management.
  • The abandoned call details will also be available in the contact center software.
  • This detail can be used to give a callback to the patient or customer even if he has not asked for the callback.
  • This feature also helps in better handling abandoned calls in a hospital.

There are many other features available in the contact center solution for the healthcare industry to empower hospitals to deal with abandoned calls.

We offer multiple unified communication tools for the healthcare industry. Contact center solution is one of the tools offered to the hospitals. Here are more details of all tools available for the healthcare industry.

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