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How an Integrated Call Center Solution Provides a Powerful Tool?

VoIP solutions September 10, 2020

Call center solution is used by companies or call centers to cater to customers. It helps in increasing revenues by retaining customers and attracting new business. Call center solutions usually come with some amazing features. However, competition and customer demands are increasing like anything. Thus, call centers need an integrated call center solution.

What is an integrated call center solution?

When one or more solutions or APIs are integrated into the call center solution, it is called an integrated solution.

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Now, let’s unveil how an integrated call center solution provides a powerful tool to call centers and how it benefits them:

1. Improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is vital to retain customers and maintain a positive brand of the business. Call center solution offers different features to handle customer concerns. However, traditional features might not provide enough functional capabilities. Thus, an integrated call center solution is needed.

A call center solution with integrated CRM solution lets agents provides personalized responses to the customers. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction by letting customers feel valued.

A call center solution can also have integrated communication channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • And other communication channels

This integrated call center solution can support unified communication. It further satisfies customers by providing their preferred communication channels.

2. Empower internal collaboration

To provide a better experience to the customers, each call center also needs to empower internal communication and collaboration. A call center solution traditionally does not offer a way to communicate internally until and unless there is a feature of extension calling. Using third party communication channels can increase maintenance costs. Even if it is free, it may waste the time of agents as they need to switch back and forth between two different solutions. Thus, an integrated call center solution becomes vital.

Live chat widget can be integrated into the call center solution. It lets call centers use internal chat and external chat features. It means agents can communicate with customers via live chat. Moreover, team members can communicate with each other via this chat widget and that also without leaving call center software.

3. Increase productivity

The performance and productivity of agents are very much important in any call center. In fact, call center software is used to increase the productivity of the agents. Traditional features of call center solutions are limited and thus, it can let agents increase productivity to a certain level.

Thus, using an integrated solution becomes necessary. Various advanced features and functionalities help call centers to boost the productivity of agents. For example, call center WhatsApp integration adds WhatsApp as one more channel of communication. An agent can communicate with multiple contacts in parallel. This helps in boosting productivity.

These are three major ways an integrated call center solution empowers call centers by providing a powerful tool. There are many more benefits of using an integrated solution.

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