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Important Integrations for a Call Center Solution

Live Chat August 31, 2020

In the call centers, customer satisfaction has become the main focus point. To deliver a better customer experience, call centers invest in multiple things. From round clock support services to the best call center solutions, everything gets employed to increase customer satisfaction in the call centers.

A call center solution is a useful tool to increase customer satisfaction. Usually, this software has many useful features as well as it has many advanced add-ons to increase the functional capacity. To increase customer satisfaction, one needs to increase the functional capability of a call center software solution. Along with different add-ons, one also needs to invest in the integration of different solutions and add-ons into the call center software.

In this blog, you will learn about the top 5 solutions or APIs you must get integrated into your call center solution:

1. CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is usually used in the call centers to store information of customers. All different interactions of the customers with the call center get tracked in this software. Call center CRM integration helps in empowering agents by making customer information available to them during the call. This helps in personalizing the conversation and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. WhatsApp

Call centers either run customer support campaigns or sales campaigns. In both types of campaigns, it is necessary to reach customers via their preferred communication channels. WhatsApp Messenger is very popular among worldwide people. Call center WhatsApp integration allows call centers to add one of the most preferred communication channels in the call center. It further increases customer satisfaction.

3. Social Media

Similar to WhatsApp, various social media platforms are also used by customers these days to reach out to a company. Often, these platforms are used to show anger related to concerns faced by the customers. For example, Facebook and Twitter are often used by customers to share their issues via direct messages or comments. The integration of these popular social media channels with the call center software helps in delivering better customer services on these platforms without leaving the call center software.

4. Traditional Communication Channels

As mentioned earlier, customers can be more pleased if you provide them support via their preferred communication channels. Along with modern communication channels, there are some people who prefer traditional communication channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Email

There are also some specific use cases of both of these channels. By integrating SMS API and email API into the call center solution, you can delight clients as well as save agents’ productive time.

5. Webphone

Generally, to attend calls, call centers use a Softphone. It is additional software, which has to be maintained additionally. Agents also need to take additional steps to attend calls in the call center solution. A Webphone is a WebRTC based phone that can be integrated within the call center software. Integrating into the call center software keep agents more productive to delight clients

We have expertise in integrating any API or software with the call center software. We already provide these integrations with our call center solution, DialShree. Contact us for more details.

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