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How an Omnichannel Call Center Solution Improves Customer Experience?

Remaining ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market has become a necessity. Using just a call center solution would not help a call center to meet the expectations of customers. They expect more, they need more. By delivering a seamless experience and by surpassing the expectation of customers, a call center can improve customer satisfaction.

The omnichannel call center solution is one of those solutions, which contribute majorly to improve customer satisfaction nowadays. It leverages the power of digitization, unified communication, and call center technology to provide a complete contact center solution, which can understand and meet customer expectations. In multiple ways, it improves customer satisfaction.

1. Streamline customer services over unified communication channels

From call center WhatsApp integration to all other integration services are available to furnish a call center with unified communication channels. It lets customers reach out to a call center using any communication channel, whether it is a phone call or Twitter. This helps in offering services on all different unified communication channels. All conversations and contacts will be streamlined as the agent will have a history of past interactions of customers in the contact center software to offer a personalized experience.

2. One platform to manage and measure all communication channels

An omnichannel call center solution offers all communication channels, namely,

  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Live chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Fax

Even if all communication channels are different and of course, providers of a majority of communication channels are different, still all of these communication channels get managed from a single platform. An omnichannel call center solution, also known as contact center software provides a single-view to all communication channels. There are many advantages of using this type of platforms to deliver a better customer experience such as:

  • Delivering exactly the same experience on any communication channel
  • Measuring customer interaction and satisfaction on each communication channel
  • Measuring the performance of communication channels using various reports
  • And many more

Measuring and improving can be a key to success in a call center.

3. Boosted agents’ productivity to serve customers quickly and in a better way

The omnichannel call center software lets agents handle customer communication using multiple channels. A load of customer calls gets distributed on different channels. This helps in attending customers quickly as everyone is not joining the call queue. Some communication channels let agents handle more than one customer at a time. For example, WhatsApp integrated into the call center software allows agents to handle multiple WhatsApp chats. Moreover, the agent can also use WhatsApp templates to reduce the time of response. This helps agents to work more productively. This further helps in attending customers quicker and better. This further contributes to improved customer experience.

We offer an omnichannel call center solution with a broad range of features to benefit our global customers. This software is also available as a hosted call center solution. To know more, contact us.

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