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How Call Center Solution Enhance Customer Service?

The main function of any call center is to provide the best possible customer service. This is at the core of any call centers and not only this; it defines success and failure of the call center business. The call center software plays a major role in this direction by providing the required tools to ensure the agent gets everything he needs so he can provide the best customer service to the callers.

This article will share the top 3 functions which will prove how Call Center Solution is the major player in improved customer support service and customer satisfaction for any call center:

Sticky Agent

This is an amazing feature comes in advanced call center solutions like Dialshree. It ensures that the caller gets connected with the agent he had spoken with last time (or every time) as and when the same agent is available.

This gives a sense of familiarity and comfort to the caller. As they are speaking with the same agent, now, they don’t need to explain themselves and issues from scratch. These facts and the feature, ‘Sticky Agent’, contribute to improved customer support.

Skill based Routing

The skill based routing is a feature of call center software, which ensures to match the skills required to attend the call before routing and handling over the call to an agent.

This feature assures that each call is handled by the most suitable agent who holds the required skills. This will decrease call wrap up time and increase customer satisfaction to give quick answers and one call resolution to the caller.

CRM Integration with call center software

This is a bonus function explained just for you. This is not one of the core features of call center software, but you can get call center CRM integration service which can help your agents to provide a personalized experience to your customers.

The agent can see all customer details during the call to give a personalized experience to the customer which will definitely improve customer satisfaction.

Whisper/ Conference

These are two more very important and beneficial features of the call center solution. It contributes to pacifying the customer and increasing his/her satisfaction. The ‘Whisper’ feature allows a supervisor or a senior agent to coach an agent on call to gives an appropriate response without an acknowledgment of the customer.

This is very helpful to attend a call by a single agent even when he is facing some lack of expertise to deal with special cases. The customer wouldn’t feel the lack of knowledge issue with the customer support staff and the agent will also get required training to deal with the special cases.

On the other hand, the ‘conference’ feature helps in having a conference call among an agent, caller and the supervisor to control a situation if needed. Both features are very important and major contributors to the call center environment.

These are the top 3 features along with a bonus feature explained to you to give you a hint, how call center software contributes to better customer service.

There are many as such features and benefits a call center software offers to a call center to improve customer service and satisfaction remarkably. We are one of the renowned call center software providers. To get more information, contact us.

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