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How Call Center Solution Can Be Used during COVID 19?

COVID 19 has hit hard all parts of the world. Still, some parts of the world like India, Brazil, etc. are still the top affected countries in the world. Even the countries that have controlled the situation are taking precautions to make sure the spread of the COVID 19 stays in control.

The COVID 19 has brought many changes to the world. Technology has benefited here as well. A call center solution is one of the technological tools that have benefited different aspects during the COVID 19. Let us share how a call center solution aided various areas during the COVID 19 and still being useful.


  • We all are aware of the medical staff shortage along with the other healthcare resources. In this case, the call center solution has become really advantageous.
  • The call center solution could be used to provide remote medical consultation to the home isolated patients.
  • The governments in many countries have also released a helpline number configured into the call center solution for people who are feeling stressed because of the COVID 19. Better mental health could be assured with remote consultation using a call center solution.

Emergency service booking

  • The spread of the COVID 19 has increased the cases of medical emergencies.
  • The call center software can be used to book an emergency service like an ambulance, a COVID medicine kit, oxygen cylinder, etc.
  • For example, in Gujarat, a state of India, the medical emergency number is 108. This number is used to register a medical emergency case and request an ambulance. This emergency number is configured with a call center solution India and it helps in sending an emergency service to the patient.
  • There are many emergency services that can be booked using a call center solution.

Health report status

  • One of the issues people are facing during the COVID 19 is getting reports on time. They have to go to the centers to collect the report. This can increase the spread of the COVID.
  • The omnichannel call center solution can work really well here.
  • The IVR feature of the call center solution can let people check the COVID, CT scan, RT PCR, and the other reports’ status automatically.
  • The omnichannel call center solution supports multiple communication channels, so reports can be sent via WhatsApp, email, MMS, etc.

Online orders

  • The call center solution can also be used in the industries that support online shopping like food, groceries, clothes, etc.
  • The call center software helps customers to place an order as well as to track the order and raise any concerns, if they have, to get a satisfactory answer.

Online transactions

  • The spread of COVID 19 has encouraged many people stay home and do all possible jobs from home only.
  • The call center solution helps here as well because the customers can take many actions from the comfort of their homes like:
    • Pay bills
    • Check payment status
    • Hot mark a credit card
    • And more

In summary, a call center solution has various applications in making things easily available for people and therefore, it must be used to keep people safe and work going on.

We have an omnichannel call center solution that is already in use by major hospitals and diagnostic centers in India. Contact us to know how this software can benefit your business or industry.

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