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How Do Banks Get Empowered with Truecaller Verification?

Banking July 6, 2022

All industries need to connect with their customers to discuss various aspects and the banking industry has many things to convey to its clients. From the updates related to customers’ accounts or statements to new banking products that the bank has to offer, limit upgrades for credit cards, etc. Other than that, banks also need to connect with customers to remind paying credit card bills, upcoming or due loan EMIs, etc. For all these types of communication, it is necessary for a bank to use the best communication tool and it is PCI compliant. This is the reason a majority of banks have started using the best call center solution.

The best call center software has superior quality features, but it is necessary for a banking executive to connect with the customer before it actually uses the features of the call center solution. Due to the increasing use of caller ID applications like Truecaller, customers have started avoiding unknown calls or unidentified numbers.

In this case, Truecaller for business can be a great boon for the banking industry.

What is Truecaller verification?

It verifies the phone number of a bank and lets that bank uses its own logo and authorized name as caller ID. The caller ID will also show a green highlight, verification tick mark, and the verification badge in the caller ID to convey a positive message that this caller is known and verified and that is safe to connect.

Along with banks, any company can verify its number with Truecaller via one of its authorized partners like us. For more details, contact us.

How does a bank get empowered with Truecaller phone number verification?

The reach and connect rate will increase up to 75%

As per the statistics, if a business has a verified and trustworthy caller ID, then the call reach and connection rate can increase up to 75%. The caller ID cannot be changed by any third party user of Truecaller if it is verified with Truecaller for business. This ensures that every time a bank calls, a trustworthy and reliable caller ID flashes on the phone of a user, and the chances of connection increase.

Banks can highlight priority calling

In many cases, a banking executive needs to connect with the customer urgently. For example, to remind the due date of the credit card or when the delivery boy is at the doorstep of the customer to deliver the checkbook or to verify the status of the issued check as per the RBI rule, etc. For all this, it is necessary to urgently connect with the customer. The Truecaller number verification provides an option of priority calling highlight to banks to show the urgency of the call and increase the connection rate even further.

Banks can make data driven decisions and strategies

Truecaller will also show reports of calls with some important data in graphical format. This information can be used to define the marketing and connection strategy for different banking products.

We are authorized partners of Truecaller business and we provide number verification with Truecaller. We also provide other banking communication solutions. Contact us for more details.

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