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How Elision IVR Helps Healthcare Industry Reduce Cost while Becoming more Efficient

News April 27, 2015

How Elision IVR helps Healthcare Industry

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is the latest technological response system on the block. Putting it simply, an Interactive Voice Response system enables a computer to interact efficiently with a caller.

Interacting with Callers:

This interaction takes place through the use of voice and DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling) tones via a keypad. Let us simplify that for you. Haven't we all called customer complaint centers? If our broadband connection is down, to check our mobile phone balance or making a return request for that bag we picked up online(it was way too big)? Ah, you have, haven't you?

Very often nowadays, we are greeted with an automated response system which classifies and sub-categorizes our queries. What this does is that is directs our queries onto a specialized customer care representative instead of a generic one who cannot satisfy the specific problem we are facing. In some cases human interaction isn't even required!

It would go something like this; "Dial #1 for order enquiries", "Dial #2 for return requests", "Dial #3 for customer complaints" and so on and so forth. Ring a bell? That is precisely what IVR is - an Interactive Voice Response system.

Many industries and enterprises are turning towards IVR to reduce the cost of their sales, service, enquiry and support calls being made to and from the company. Elision IVR symptoms not only help direct customers to the right support channel but cut down the time spent addressing such calls drastically.

Benefits to the Healthcare Industry:

Elision IVR system applications have been making waves in the healthcare industry for a while now. This system has found varied application in the medical transcription services, automated prescription noting, reminders for patients, auto attendance during odd hours, bill collections and for patient surveys.

Elision IVR system applications, offer the health industry a wide range of benefits catered to their routines.

• It Impresses callers and increases the reputation of the brand name
• Provides excellent customer satisfaction
• Attends the call on the very first ring
• The option of multilingual greetings is offered to the caller
• IVR systems are very practical when the hospital has to distribute the same type of information to each and every caller (Schemes or general awareness messages)
• The IVR system runs continually (24/7) during the day and can never greet the caller with a tired, bored or irritable voice and demeanor

In hindsight, we can't help but wonder how these industries even managed before Elision IVR system applications revamped their calling processes. Additionally, IVR has also improved the perception of the company brand name in the eyes of the consumer. A win-win situation any way you look at it. Elision IVR system applications are here to stay and the healthcare industry certainly isn't complaining.

Here is a sample IVR Elision Tech devised for CIMS Hospital.

Flow for Voice Menu
Welcome to CIMS Hospital
Press 1 Gujarati
Press 2 English
Press 3 Hindi
After language selection, department and then sub department menu flow will start
S.No Department S.No. Sub Department
Press 1 Emergency Care Emergency Care
Press 2 Ambulance Services Ambulance Department
Press 3 OPD 1 OPD Appointment
2 OPD Billing
3 Pathology
4 Radiology
5 Pharmacy
6 Health Checkup
7 Operator
Press 4 Cancer Department 1 OPD Appointment
2 Operator
Press 5 In Patient Services 1 Admission Department
2 Patient Room
3 Billing Department
4 Insurance and Cashless Department
5 International Patient Desk
6 Care At Homes
7 Operator
Press 6 Other Services 1 HR
2 General Store
3 IP Pharmacy
4 Biomedical Department
5 Finance Department
6 Communication and Marketing
7 IT Department
8 Operator
Press 7 Operator Operator
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