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How Hospitality Industry Benefits Using IVR System

News April 8, 2015

IVR System Hospitality

Technology has truly uncomplicated our existence. We have learnt to systematize and simplify nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. With the right usage and applications, each task we perform these days is carried out at optimum speed, efficiency, competence and cost.

One of the most innovative and adaptable functions of technology in the hospitality industry is the Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, system. Designed to automate and guide communications between customers and the service desk, it comes with a multitude of advantages.

IVR System in the Hospitality Industry

Not limited in its range of functions, the most immediate uses of the IVR are receiving and recording customer calls. The customers may then be provided with pertinent information that can be customized to suit the needs of the guest while being relevant to the organization in question.

Personalized Service:

The IVR system can even be used for a more personalized interaction with guests, when local and regional languages are available to improve the ease of access offered to every consumer.

Detection of language is a simple matter of using caller ID to determine the area from where the call is being made. It is most useful for your out-of-town customers, as it allows the hospitality industry to overcome any language barriers effectively.

Automated Logistics and Information Portal:

The uses of the IVR system can be endless, limited only by your imagination. From booking hotel rooms and providing in-house information assistance to providing room tariffs, informing about availability of rooms and giving information on tour packages, sights and shows and weather, to name a few, it can provide a truly comprehensive experience for even the most exacting customer.

In-house Options and Facilities:

Customers expect and demand the highest quality of convenience and comfort during their stays away from home. Using an Interactive Voice Response system, you can provide every patron with the luxury of access to a multitude of features from the comfort of their rooms, without having to ever contact the front desk or housekeeping. With as little effort as just picking up their phones, they are introduced to and invited to explore a wide range of customized activities at the click of a phone key.

Everyday tasks like requesting laundry service, room clean-up, billing enquiries, reporting a problem or contacting a staff member can be assigned to the options within the IVR, making organizational functioning not only streamlined, but also the information can be logged and recorded.

Services such as wake-up calls, voice message services, do-not-disturb requests and booking slots at the gym/spa/other facilities will never fail again at the hands of human error or memory. Instead it will be reliably registered with the IVR system’s computer programming.

The benefits and profits involved with the installation of an Interactive Voice Response for your hospitality venture easily far outweighs its initial costs and deterrents. Not only can you offer a popular around-the-clock customer service, your customers can now continue to interact with your system, feel heard and satisfy their requirements at all times.

More importantly, this system massively reduces the cost to your company in terms of streamlining your workforce and reducing human workload. All interactions with the customers can now be recorded for future quality assurance and backed-up at all times. This reduces room for error by impressive margins.

If you are looking for an IVR system that offers you these features to make your hospitality business a roaring success, look no further than Elision Tech. Not only do you get these features, there are several other options to make the working of your hotel or restaurant efficient, customer-friendly and cost effective.

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