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How Hosted Call Center Solution Empowers Call Center Industry?

VoIP solutions October 5, 2020

Customers are shifting towards digital platforms to ask their queries to aid in buying decisions or to get the resolution of their concerns. They need a quick response and rapid resolution. This has uplifted the call center industry by providing a plethora of opportunities.

Many companies have started outsourcing customer support and lead generation operations to call centers. To meet the demands of the modern customer base and to deliver expected results, the companies outsource their customer care project to call centers. A call center needs a reliable call center solution.

Hosted call center solution has proved itself as a savior as it lets call centers make more profits and bestow many more benefits. In this blog, you will learn how a hosted call center solution empowers the call center industry.

1. Lower cost

A hosted call center solution is quite cheaper compared to other proprietary call center software solutions. Also, you will get a cloud call center solution, but at cost-effective rates. Some hosted call center solution providers such as Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers this software with a simple pricing model. Moreover, one can choose to pay monthly or annually without signing any long term contracts.

All a call center needs to have is a system and headphones for calls. If you choose to have a virtual call center, as a hosted software can be accessed remotely as well, a call center needs nothing at its end. Software maintenance will be handled by the provider. It means the total cost of the software would be greatly minimized, which empowers call centers

2. Higher flexibility

A hosted call center solution usually is a cloud call center solution. Therefore, it is way more scalable than an on-premises call center solution. Some companies, which offer SaaS call center services give the flexibility of increasing or reducing the number of seats as and when needed. Moreover, the ‘Pay as You Go’ model adds the icing on the cake. These flexibilities are not possible with the standard proprietary call center solution.

3. Greater features

The hosted call center software is way cheaper than a third party call center software, but it offers many features at this cost. In fact, often it has advanced features, which are not accessible in the standard call center solution until and unless you buy the highest package of the software.

Along with all advanced features, a call center also receives a mini CRM integrated within the call center software. This helps in assuring that you do not need to invest in call center CRM integration to see additional information. Moreover, you can also add unified communication channels using an omnichannel call center solution to leverage excellent benefits.

Hosted call center software solution is built to cater to growing call centers and startups to let them concentrate on success and service enhancement, while the software is managed by the provider. We offer both, proprietary call center solution and a hosted call center solution. If you want to know more about these solutions or want to acquire any to empower your business, contact us.

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