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How Integration of VICIDIal and WebRTC Empowered Contact Centers?

VoIP solutions September 26, 2017

VICIDial is well known open source call center software. It has been in use by many small to large scaled contact centers for their business for many years. There are many evolutions made by the VoIP developers to improve the functional and operational module of VICIDial with the VICIDial customization services.

One of the latest and in trend innovation in this field is integration of WebRTC and VICIDial. The WebRTC provides a communication tool to exchange voice, video and/or data in real time using a web browser. The integration of VICIDial and WebRTC has empowered many contact centers. How? Let’s unveil.

The WebRTC solution which is also known as WebRTC client or WebRTC based phone or WebRTC Phone works directly from a web browser and as it is integrated with the VICIDial solution, the agents can utilize both, WebRTC and VICIDial in a streamlined manner.

Top 3 benefits of WebRTC and VICIDial Solution Integration:

  • No IP Phones required for calling

In the contact center, one of the options agents use is IP Phones for inbound and outbound calling. The integration of WebRTC solution with VICIdial will eliminate the need of IP Phones. This would save capital and maintenance cost.

  • No Softphone required

The integration of WebRTC with VICIDial solution eliminates need of any softphone. This will save a lot of time from installing and configuring a softphone.

Neither agent nor the server administrator need to configure different codecs, SIP accounts, natting ,etc. With the stated integration, agent just needs to open the web based WebRTC solution and start calling using it, no installation or configuration required at all.

  • All Calling features available remotely

The WebRTC phone can be accessed from anywhere with the valid credential using the WebRTC compatible web browsers. This is like plug and play, in fact, easier than that. The WebRTC phone will have all required calling features for an agent such as:

  • Conference call
  • Music on hold
  • Call transfer
  • Call mute/ unmute
  • And more

Now, agents can work from any system and if you support remote work model this model work amazingly well. Your agents can work remotely from anywhere without any concern of hardware or software installation and configuration because the WebRTC and VICIDial solution integration made all communication simpler and in real time by blending two advanced tools, WebRTC and VICIDial, with each other.

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