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How Is WhatsApp Business Shaping the Future of Contact Centers?

When it comes to messaging apps WhatsApp takes the lead with a 2 billion active users worldwide (Source). Countless messages are exchanged among its users on a basis. Initially developed for interactions, among family and friends WhatsApp has gained popularity and is now utilized by businesses and contact centers for regular customer engagement.

As more and more businesses have started utilizing WhatsApp for their operations the platform has introduced WhatsApp Business. This specialized offering provides control. Features specifically designed to cater to business needs.

Notably there are features and offerings exclusive to WhatsApp Business users, such as the WhatsApp Verified account. Furthermore companies like Elision Technologies have begun developing tools like WhatsApp chatbots and broadcasting capabilities. Here is the link to the Smart WhatsApp Web Tool.

If your call center has not yet embraced these features of WhatsApp now is the time to do so. The influence of WhatsApp Business, on call centers and other enterprises cannot be underestimated.

What is WhatsApp Business?

It's the messaging app that everyone uses. It comes with power and features specifically designed to empower businesses like contact centers in improving their customer interactions and engagement. 

The best part is that it's available, for free and offers features such as a business profile where you can showcase all your business information like address email ID, website, etc. You also have the option to label chats for organization and use advanced messaging tools to efficiently handle customer care and similar campaigns. 

This business app is a game changer as it helps businesses enhance every customer interaction by automating actions organizing messages effectively and reducing response time. Moreover users of this app can even have a WhatsApp account.

So what is a WhatsApp Verified account?

Like other major social media platforms provide verification badges with tick marks next to usernames (think about the tick mark on Twitter or the green tick mark on Google) WhatsApp also offers its own version of verification. This verification badge from WhatsApp adds a sense of authority and trustworthiness, to customers who receive any message from your business account.

Now you might wonder why having a WhatsApp Verified account is so important?

Well there are reasons why having this verification badge holds value. The importance of getting your business account verified goes beyond credibility. With messages flooding customers inboxes, from various business accounts and individual users it's common for them to report businesses as spam. By having a tick on your account you establish yourself as a brand gaining the trust of users. This boost in credibility can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your WhatsApp broadcasting and other campaigns.


Another reason to invest in verification is to establish authority. Many companies invest in tools like WhatsApp chatbots to improve their customer care campaigns. However without an account it becomes challenging for clients to differentiate between your WhatsApp account and imposters posing as your brand or a similar one. Having that verification tick mark ensures that your business receives responses and reaches an audience.


Furthermore branding is crucial for all businesses in todays world. Digital marketing experts are often paid handsomely by call centers to build brands. Along with teams investing in tools that bring authority to your business is essential. A verified account, on WhatsApp serves as one option.

Now lets explore how WhatsApp Business shapes the future of contact centers?

There are advantages, to using a business account especially when it comes with a verification tick mark and powerful features like WhatsApp chatbot, WhatsApp broadcasting, reports and more. Lets delve into the details.

Round the clock customer support;

Having a WhatsApp chatbot is one of the tools for businesses. Similar to website chatbots and IVR systems it allows you to attend to customers 24/7. This boosts the effectiveness of your customer care campaigns. Even if your agents are unavailable to respond your clients will still have someone to assist them and provide feedback or responses within working hours (10 AM, to 7 PM).

Meeting the preferences of messaging-oriented customers;

In todays world we cater to diverse audiences ranging from Millennials to Gen Z. Each customer segment has its communication preferences. Many customers, Gen Z individuals who dislike waits and prefer messaging as a means of communication habitually use messaging apps for connecting with customer care centers and receiving feedback. By utilizing a business account and its accompanying features you can cater to these clients needs effectively while also impressing them.

Increase sales rate

Increasing the sales rate is crucial, for call centers both with existing customers and new prospects. Utilizing the business account. Its features can be highly beneficial in achieving this goal. For instance 

leveraging WhatsApp broadcasting allows for running campaigns to boost sales opportunities. Additionally employing a WhatsApp chatbot can suggest relevant products to enhance selling opportunities.

Nurture leads

In addition to facilitating customer care and sales initiatives this messaging app also plays a role in nurturing client relationships. Call centers can implement campaigns to strengthen connections with customers.

For example on occasions sending personalized greetings can make clients feel valued. Furthermore broadcasting campaigns through WhatsApp can keep existing clients informed about offers. The WhatsApp chatbot can also be used as a tool to manage existing clients in ways fostering bonds.

Define better customer care strategies

Moreover these business apps provide reports and valuable insights for call centers. This data enables strategies, for customer care sales efforts, lead nurturing and more. Furthermore it allows businesses to assess the impact of using the business account on WhatsApp and measure its effectiveness.


Furthermore you can assess the areas where automation can be implemented by utilizing the available automation features. This will enable you to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns optimize resource utilization and accomplish milestones.

In conclusion the business landscape is rapidly evolving with the integration of tools and technology. Contact centers now have access, to omnichannel communication tools allowing them to cater to customers through their modes of communication.

WhatsApp has emerged as a used tool for all types of customer interactions, including customer care, sales and customer relationship management. To assist these businesses WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp business accounts and WhatsApp Verified accounts.

Additionally advanced features such as WhatsApp broadcasting, chatbots, reports and more are also available. Given that WhatsApp's one of the popularly used apps today it is essential to leverage these advanced features in order to provide clients in call centers with an enhanced messaging experience.

We provide top notch industry tools for contact centers. Our services include assisting you in obtaining an account and accessing features like broadcasting messages chatbots functionality export contacts information reports generation and more. If you would like to learn more about how we can support your contact center with regards, to utilizing WhatsApp please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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