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How to Become an Agent Customers Love to Talk With?

Agents are representing a call center to the customers and callers. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be sensitive and sensible besides following professional conduct. A call center solution provides many features to empower call center agents, but in the end, it is all about individual skills.

An agent deals with many people in a day and each may have different natures, language, state of mind, etc. In any situation, an agent needs to be professional as well as sensitive towards the customers and their concerns. To ensure agents perform exceptionally well, many call centers also run an after call campaign to collect feedback from the customer. Not only to become an agent that customers love to talk to and give full ratings, but also to sustain your job in this unpredictable time, it is necessary that you do the best at your job.

Unlike many other blogs, which only shares how to use a call center solution in your favor, on this blog, we will share the top 3 tips related to personality, soft skills, and communication to become the favorite of all.

1. Listening is an art

You must have read or heard this somewhere. Not everyone possesses this art, but in a call center, it is necessary. We know your call center solution is logging the time you are spending on the call, but listening to the customer is necessary. Interrupting a customer can offend or frustrate them. Therefore, until customers do not complete their issue, patiently listen.

2. Clarification before resolution

Agents need to live up to many expectations set by the call centers, but the main job is delighting customers. Therefore, completely focus on that. To keep average call time low, many agents often hurry in giving the resolution.

However, to ensure the customer frustration does not build up and you give the accurate response and resolution, it is necessary to reconfirm what you understand or just quickly summarize the long story short and give a suitable response.

3. Do not get into controversial conversations

Showing respect and listening to the customers patiently do not mean, listening blabbering. You are at work and you also need to do your best to show good performance. Call center solutions, whether a hosted call center solution or license-based, each will show reports to your managers.

Therefore, do not go off-topic. Often customers start talking about their experience with your competitors or any other agent who attended the call before you, etc. However, it is necessary that you bring the discussion on the main topic by ensuring that you are not disrespecting the customer in any way.

These are three major tips you need to keep in mind. Other than that, use your soft skills to improve your performance and become an agent that any customer would love to have a conversation with. If you are running a call center and want to get an omnichannel or hosted call center solution to empower your agents, then contact us.

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