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How to Connect Emotionally with Customers?

As per the conclusion of various studies made on customer behavior and other facts, “Customer retention increases in the companies, which have a stronger bond with customers.” Many companies invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that their customers are satisfied, but most of the time, the process of improving customer satisfaction and retention becomes mechanical and less effective.

One of the things any call center or collection agency should work on is thinking more about the customers and improving their experience instead of focusing only on KPIs. Become a customer-centric company rather than a KPI centric company.

Using a call center solution, some common questions need to be answered:

  • How much time and how many efforts it takes for a customer to reach the agent?
  • How many customers get first call resolution?
  • Are customers happy with the delivered resolution?

Once these questions are answered, you will get to know if your clients are happy or not. If there is an 80% of overall success rate, you are doing well and can improve for better results. However, if you are scoring less than that, then your strategy needs something more.

According to one of the hosted call center solution providers, building an emotional connection with the customers can help in improving customer satisfaction as well as retention. Here are some tips to help you with building an emotional connection:

1. Know your customers better

Without knowing your customers completely, it is not possible to deliver an empathetic solution. One thing you can do is run a campaign using the predictive dialer of your call center solution. In this campaign, do not focus on pitching any product; simply focus on collecting information about customers, their preferences, etc. This campaign should solely focus on knowing your customers.

2. Connect the customer to the agent having a similar personality

The best call center solutions like DialShree offer various call routing rules. One of them supports connecting the caller to the agent holding specific skills. Using this feature, the customer should get connected to the agent whose personality traits are similar to the customer calling for help. The information collected in a survey can be used to match customer’s and the agent’s personalities.

3. Repeat or use the same words as customers use

To build an emotional connect, agents need to be trained to reflect the customers’ personalities. One simple trick here is to follow what the customer says. For example, if a customer says, he needs his refund. Then the agent should also respond, he will check about the refund policy instead of saying I will see what are the terms for product return.

4. Add a human touch along with professionalism

The call center solution script gets fed with a professional and formal language, but the agent should be trained to add a human touch to build an emotional connect with the customer. For example, uttering the name of the customers repetitively, using emotional words and empathetic tone, etc. can help to build a bond.

Training agents and using the right call center software can help in building a better bond with the clients by emotionally connecting with them. We offer the best call center solution as off-the-shelve and hosted solutions. Contact us for more details.

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