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How To Encash Holiday Season with Voice Broadcasting Solution?

VoIP solutions December 12, 2017

Holiday season has started and this is the time to be prepared for the Christmas holiday season. You must ensure to put an approach in place to ensure that you take complete benefit of this holiday season. You can use Voice Broadcasting Solution for this. Wondering, how? Read on to get the answer.

1. Run a voice broadcasting campaign about greetings

Christmas and New Year are very important for a majority of people, including your customers. This is the correct time to greet your business associates and clients for a prosperous New Year. A personalized voice broadcasting campaign will work way better than sending an email or a text message.

2. Run an interactive discount campaign

Holiday season is very important to many businesses as this is the time for increased traffic and sales. Many businesses run email campaigns about their offers and discount coupons. As customers are bombarded with so many emails with greetings and offers, it is more likely that your business email gets lost in pile of many other emails. The most effective and responsive approach is to run a voice broadcasting campaign to announce your offers. You can integrate a poll in it which will ask them if they are interested in this offer, then press 1 and your sales team can contact back to all the interested prospects.

3. Run a personalized campaign about the holiday off dates

You can run a personalized voice campaign and broadcast it to all your customers and vendors to inform them about dates when your staff will not operate. This will not only create a personalized experience among your customers and vendors, but also ensure everyone is well informed about the holidays to avoid the rush in holidays. This will contribute in better customer service.

There are many more as such amazing ideas where you can not only handle holiday season, but also, take benefit of this holiday season in the most effective way.

Elisiontec has an advanced voice broadcasting solution as well as it offers a request based voice broadcasting service. You may get benefited with this powerful tool to reach more customers and prospects in a personalized manner. This kind of campaigns often turns into the highest response rate. Our executives can help you with more details about how you can use this solution in your favor. For more details, contact us now!!

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