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Voice Broadcasting Solution for Education Industry

Voice Broadcasting September 18, 2018

Education industry needs a communication solution that can provide uninterruptable communication. The voice broadcasting solution is one of the most effective and useful solutions that provides personalized and powerful communication tool to the education industry.

The educational institutes such as schools, colleges, universities, etc. can use this tool to run call broadcasting campaign. The call broadcasting campaign is a mechanism to send a pre-recorded voice message to mass audiences with a single click.

It means the educational institute can send a personalized voice message to all parents with a single click. This voice message can be a voice message recorded by a school teacher or principal or a message recorded by a professional voice artist.

The voice broadcasting solution provides a tool that will remove all barriers from the communication. The educational institutes can run voice broadcasting campaigns which will be received as a call at another end.

If the parent doesn’t pick up the call, the voice broadcasting system will try again to send the message. You can define the maximum retries as well. This way it will be assured that each call reaches the concern person and conveys the message.

The education institute will also receive a complete report of the voice broadcasting campaign with different details such as,

  • Who received the call and heard it completely or partially
  • Who didn’t attend the call
  • How many attempts were made
  • How many and which numbers were dialed
  • And more

The voice broadcasting solution comes with some additional features that also let you collect the response from the person that received the call. For example, if there is a parents meeting at the school, you can run a voice broadcasting campaign to send an invitation.

At the end of the invitation message you can play, “Press 1 if you will attend the meeting and Press 2 if you can’t attend the meeting.”!

This way you can also get confirmation from the parents who will attend the parents meeting. You can run various interactive voice broadcasting campaigns such as, collect feedback regarding the last annual function or send a message that report card is sent and they received the same.

The voice broadcasting solution can be used by various educational institutes to strengthen their communication for different types of communication. The solution can be used to convey a message to parents, students, vendors and the staff members.

The voice broadcasting solution is available at one time fee and lifetime usage. It means the educational institutes can own this powerful tool at a onetime investment. The audio broadcasting solution comes with an easy to use GUI panel so you don’t need technical knowledge to use this solution.

We have the most powerful voice broadcasting solution for educational institutes. Contact us to know more about it and have a free demo.

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