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How to Increase Ecommerce Sales Using a Call Center Solution?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, which is still having its effect on various parts of the world, many industries have faced ups and downs. The eCommerce industry is one of those industries that have got benefited because of the pandemic. The habit of shopping in the brick and mortar stores has changed. People have moved more towards online shopping as it is safe and fun, both.

Along with the demand and popularity, competition has also increased in the eCommerce industry. In this article, we will share how you can use a call center solution to increase sales. Of course, it is a great tool to run the best customer care campaigns. But, do you know it is also the best tool for increasing sales in an eCommerce business?

Let’s explore more in this blog.

1. Send personalized notifications about the next big sales and offers

Big billion days, republic day offer, etc. are excellent ways to increase sales. People love sale offers, discounts, offers, etc. and if you succeed in launching more alluring offers, you are likely to increase sales. When you are launching a new offer campaign, make sure you run a campaign to broadcast the information to all your customers. You can use the voice broadcasting or SMS broadcasting feature available in the call center solution. This feature can also personalize the message to make each customer feel special and intrigue to explore the details. The great deals will help you convert visitors into sales.

2. Answer queries quickly with WhatsApp support

Usually, online shoppers explore items using their smartphones or mobile devices. Asking for offers on their preferred items or checking their preferred payment mode is available or not, or some other questions often arise in the mind of online shoppers. Not giving an easy way to answer those questions can motivate online shoppers to abandon the cart and look for other options from your competitors. Using a call center solution with an integrated WhatsApp option can be beneficial here. You can integrate WhatsApp into the call center software with call center WhatsApp integration. Your customers can have a WhatsApp conversation with your sales agents. On the other hand, your agents can respond to them using the same call center software. This can help you increase sales as buyers get answers to their queries quickly without losing productivity.

3. Respond to social media comments and DMs

Everyone knows about the craze of social media platforms. From travel pictures to anger for a brand, everything is shared on one or more social media sites by consumers. You can use a call center solution with integrated social media platforms to respond to each appreciation or frustration shared on the social media platforms. This will help you project a positive brand to other buyers and help you increase sales. Similar to WhatsApp, social media platforms can also be integrated into the call center software. For example, call center Twitter integration integrates Twitter into the call center software.


In many other ways, a call center solution helps eCommerce stores to connect with the buyers in a personalized manner and entice them to increase sales.

We offer a call center solution built to benefit eCommerce businesses. We also offer custom call center integrations to integrate different platforms or tools like Twitter, WhatsApp, CRM, etc. into the call center software. Contact us for more details.

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