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How to Increase Engagement in a Web Conference?

Web Conferencing September 23, 2019

When you run a web conference, it is very much important to make sure all attendees are attentive. Often, it is witnessed that during a virtual conference, attendees check their emails, reply to chat messages or scroll social media profiles.

All these actually reduce the effect of conducting a virtual meeting and dilute benefits one would get by using a web conferencing solution. Fret not. This article shared the top 4 tips to increase the attention and engagement of attendees during a live web conference.

1. Provide simplified access on all devices and platforms

Some people use the web conferencing solution that enforces users to install web conferencing software or widget on their devices. This is not it! For computer users, they either need to install a web browser widget or a software and for mobile users, they need to install a mobile application.

This increases hassle as the users need to take an extra step which is often not preferable to many for multiple reasons. The solution is to use a web conferencing solution that can be accessed via a web browser without any additional steps. This reduces hassles and concerns related to it.

2. Use polling and voting during the conference

The best web conferencing solutions come with a wide array of features. One of the interesting features available in the web conferencing system is live polling. One can show a question with options and the conference members can participate by giving their vote.

This kind of live interaction using poling and other features available in the conferencing solution helps in increasing attention and engagement.

3. Allow or encourage users to chip in

Many conference organizers have a habit of speaking from beginning to end, but this shouldn’t be the case. Ask different questions or ask for their comments to your virtual meeting participant on time to time basis. This will keep them attentive.

You can also encourage them to use features like “Raise Hand” to ask their queries related to an ongoing discussion. They can send Emojis supported in some conferencing software solution to express themselves. They can also use public or private chat features available in the web conferencing solution so the engagement can be increased.

4. Conduct a video conference

A majority of web conferencing solutions allow video conferencing and there are some so powerful similar to MaasMeet which allow unlimited participants in a video conference. Generally, when a video conference is going on it is less likely that the participant doesn’t stay attentive as he/she is getting monitored in real-time.

These are the top 4 tips that can be followed by you to increase engagement in a live virtual meeting or web conference.

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