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How To Open A Call Center Startup? A Step-wise Guide

Call center business has always been in demand. These days it is evolving at a rapid rate because companies need professional customer care executives to take care of their customers and their concerns.

For businesses, more convenient option is to outsource customer care and support tasks to a call center than opening a complete call center, recruiting and managing agents, buying software like call center software, CRM solution, etc.

This has opened doors of opportunities for many aspiring business owners. Yes, you can be the next successful business owner. You can start a business by opening a call center. You can get local and international contracts of customer care.

Thinking about the budget? Guidance? And other similar questions?

Worry not! We, Elisiontec, have helped many companies to start a call center department or business. We can help you with our more than a decade long industry experience.

If you are starting with a good budget, then you should buy the best tools and hire the most skilled and experience agents. We can help you in the process with free consultancy service, get in touch.

But, if you want to start with a low budget, then the plan should be more strategic and cost effective. Let me help you with a step-wise process:

1. Complete legal formalities first

The call center is not a freelancing business; it is a full fledged business. Thus, according to your country’s law you should get a license and finish required legal formality.

2. Hire limited staff

You will need agents to handle calls and they must be well trained and skilled. However, until you get a handful of projects you can start slow. Hire limited agents. Once you get one or two projects, please make sure to hire more agents and supervisors. Don’t wait until you get too much of load to handle.

3. Start with open source software

To open a call center, you will require more than one solution such as Call center software, CRM solution, Helpdesk ticketing solution, etc. based on your service area. The custom solution can be heavy on the pocket. Thus, you can use open source solutions.

The open source solutions are free to use and you will get almost all required features to support your startup. All you need to pay is a setup fee to the developers who will install it for you. Below is the list of two most important open source solutions you must have:

  1. VICIDial: Call Center Software
  2. vTiger: CRM Solution

4. Customize the open source solution

This is really beneficial to invest some money in customization. The open source solution will not have all required features. With customization, you can get those missing features.

For example, VICIDial doesn’t come with a sticky agent feature. The VICIDial customization will get that feature for you. Your investment in customization will help you,

  • Providing better service
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing business

Thus, you must customize your open source solutions.

That’s it! You have a pathway to start your own business of a call center in limited budget. Still, having any confusion or query? Contact us.

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