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How to Reduce Call Hold Time in Call Center?

Customers wait for enough in the call queue, putting them on a long hold is quite irritating according to customers. Of course, customer care agents need to put customers on hold while their requests are in process or while agents look for the required information.

However, long call hold times fuel up the frustration. Even if you have the best music on hold, it won’t help to keep customers happy with the long hold time. Even if it is necessary for customers to stay on hold to get a resolution to the concern, you are losing customer loyalty with the long call hold time.

It is necessary to reduce call hold time, so you can delight customers and increase the retention rate and loyalty. In this blog, we will share the top tips that will help you reduce overall call hold time.

1. Use dynamic and multilevel IVRS

Nowadays, call center solutions come up with amazing features and one of them is dynamic and multilevel IVRS. If an IVRS of a call center solution has advanced features, then it will be able to complete jobs related to customer concerns. The advanced IVRS also allows making payments for the bills, checking application status, etc. In this case, customers can follow the IVR prompts and get the answers to their queries. They neither need to wait in the call queue to get connected to the agent nor need to wait by staying on hold while agents are looking for the information. This can help in reducing call hold time.

2. Select the right call routing rule

Even after interacting with the IVRS, customers cannot find the required answer to their query, then they have to choose to talk to the agent. A call center solution offers multiple call routing rules. It is necessary to select the right call routing rule to connect customers with the right agents. If agents have the required skills or already know the customer case, then it will be easier for them to handle the customer call without keeping the customer on hold for long. This will reduce the call hold time.

3. Call center CRM integration

A call center solution comes up with some fields to store customer information. However, more information related to customers would be stored in the CRM system. To find the required information, the agent will need to look for the information in the CRM system or any other tool.

The agent will put the customer on hold while fetching the information. This will increase call hold time. If you invest in call center CRM integration, your agents can see all information stored in the CRM system within call center software. This will reduce the time to switch from one system to another and look for the information. Therefore, call center CRM integration is recommended.

These are the top 3 tips that you must follow to reduce call hold time. Other than this, you should also have skilled agents and the best call center software. If you are looking for a reliable and feature-rich call center solution, contact us.

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