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How Video Telephony is Advantageous for Automotive Industry

Video Telephony March 19, 2015

Video Telephony

Video telephony allows easy phone calls while intelligently retaining the vividness of video communication. A call control engine (telephony server/ IP PBX) registers and controls video endpoints. Video units can be dialed just like a phone registered with IP PBX. Video telephony is easy to set up.

A great advantage is that it allows customers that visit your website to get in touch with your contact centre directly by a single click. Video telephony communication can also be made over smart phone, tablet or any other hand held device.

How Automotive Industry Stands to Benefit:

Automotive segment experiences stiff competition owing to the breakneck pace at which trends change and capricious moods of prospective buyers swing. Video telephony provides the needful strategic edge to your company so as to steal the march over adversaries.

  • Engaging customer attention:

    Savvy consumers rely more on online methods to search for vehicles that would live up to their expectations, lifestyle, and budget, professional and personal compulsions.

    Web embedded video telephony helps you better capture the imagination of prospects by providing intriguing glances into the vehicle models in high resolution, real time mode. Your sales and profits would go up exponentially as customers would be better engaged with vibrant broadcasts.

  • Make a convincing pitch:

    Customer craves for test drive in the vehicle of their choice. Often due to lack of time and other commitments, he keeps deferring the date on which he would pay a visit to showroom and test drive the vehicle. This proves costly for your automotive business as a sterling sale opportunity stands lost just because the prospect is running short of time or has opted for a shabbier showroom situated close to his home.

    Video telephony can be utilized to offer the client comprehensive glimpse into the various features of the vehicle in high resolution mode. Features that would have evaded the attention of the prospect during test drive can be presented emphatically with this technique. You can convincingly prove that you can provide value to the client for his investment.

  • Reducing business cost while keeping a competitive edge:

    Ability to make decisions in real time is the decisive factor on which the fate of your automotive business rests. Further, if your business is running on a shoe string budget, you need to find out avenues where cost curtailment projects can be implemented. Reducing business travels can ease the burden on your business wallet and time spent travelling can be utilized by managers to devise new sales boosting strategies.

    With video telephony, you can establish communication lines with sales representatives in other locations, supply chain managers, clients, offshore partners and other important stakeholders effortlessly. This helps to reduce the time taken to market for products and you can retain your competitive edge over the adversaries.

  • Gain vital inputs:

    The video telephony feature can be embedded into web browser of smart phones. This enables reps to collect vital inputs from the superiors without having to abandon professional responsibilities to assemble in the conference room for an elaborate gathering. Your reps can walk customers through displayed products while keeping in constant touch with the managers.

How can Elision Tech prove advantageous?

Elision is the leading provider of customized video telephony solutions at competitive prices to help you retain the driver’s seat in the automotive business.

Contemporary technology, round the clock personalized support, cross platform capability and real time enriched audiovisual communication would prove the game changer for your automotive business. Adopt Elision Video Telephony today and turbo-charge your business.

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